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Saturday, February 13, 2010

PreSchool Valentine Math...

Over the last week or so Spirit has been practicing math skills with
a fun Valentine theme. Here is what we came up with...

First Spirit did this worksheet. He had to guess how many hearts he
thought would fit in the big heart. He guessed 3. He was way off..
Here is where the worksheet came from
Conversation Hearts Estimation Activity.

We sorted a box of candy hearts onto a heart sheet. This one had
white as one of the choices but our box only had blue so we put
it where the white was supposed to be if we had any. Then we
graphed it onto this chart below and decided which had more, less
or equal. You will find these worksheets here....

This number game I came up with on my own. I used our number cards
and shuffled them onto a pile. I had bought some glitter puffy
heart stickers at walmart for $5. for crafting but thought this would be
Fun to do first. Spirit chose a card and then counted out that many hearts.

Patterning... Again we used the heart stickers. I could have made
the sheets so the stickers stayed in place but decided to just put a row on for
him and then he had to copy that row. He had fun trying to trick mommy with
his own patterns. Then played with his sister later. This one was a huge
hit with him.


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