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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Morning Sounds...

I hear cooing noises as I lay in bed. Lil giggles and then
quiet. I sneak to the bathroom for my morning bath.
I see Superboy across the way reading a book in the early
morning. As I close the door I hear his quiet feet walk to
the baby room. This is a normal routine. He doesn't like her
to wake alone. As I go about my morning routine I hear
Sweet pea begin to babble again. Superboy talks softly
to her. I then hear loud steps and I know Spirit is awake.
His feet are always loud and fast across the floor.
Sweet pea is beginning her first sounds .. DaDaa Dadda
Spirit giggles and yells she called me dada.. Superboy
laughs along with him. They beg her to say it again.
I envision her smiles across her little face. He eyes shining
at these two lil men. Wondering up at them with love
and encouragment. I am done my morning routine but
pause and listen.... morning is my favorite time of
day,when all are fresh, renewed and ready for the new
day to begin. I wish for the sounds to always be with me.

I smile and put this moment away in my memory....

Keeps those you love close and the cherish the small moments.


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