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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Journaling with a Novel

Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner

Here is an exert from the back of the book...

"Little Willy has a big job to do. His Grandfather refuses to get out of
bed, so it is up to Willy alone ot save their farm form the tax collector.
But where can a ten-year old get the five hundred dollars in a hurry? Then
Willy sees a poster for the National Dogsled Race.
The race pits Willy against the best dog teams in the country, including
the Indian Stone Fox and his fiver beautiful Samoyeds, who have never
lost a race. And Stone Fox wanst the prinze money as badly as Willy
does. Willy's dog, Searchlight, is every bit as fast as the
competition, and Willy knows the terrain better than anyone.
But can one boy and one dog be a match for the unbeatable Stone Fox

Superboy Created this Journal to go along with the book. Each
chapter he wrote a journal entry as if he were Little Willy in the
story. I wanted to work a little on his writing skills and creativity.
This was a fun activity. Here are some other things you can do.
We did not dig in this deep but wanted to save the links incase
Spirit wants to read this story one day too.

Think Quest Stone Fox
Questions, Vocabulary and other activities to go
along with the book.
Homeschool Shares Unit Study
Stone Fox Themed Links


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