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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Update...

I am sure you have wondered where I have been this week.
It has been a very interesting one to say the least. I missed
sharing with all of you. I thought a few times to try to write
but the time just wasn't available.

The children worked very hard on their lessons. Superboy
was frustrated so often. I felt like I was constantly pushing him.
He has gotten into long division and he absolutely hates it.
He knows all the steps. When he does them all he is ok but
he tries all the time to do it in his head. For most people
this does not work. For Superboy it does not work either.
So he would write the answer to one. Then I would fuss
him for not writing the problem out. Then he'd write it out
and get it correct , turn around and not write it again.
After several times of this my patients was gone. Toad
took him upstairs then and walked him through making
sure he'd write each step..

Yes, Toad has been here all week. He was planning to
go to school in Pittsburg but looks like his housing fell through
and now may have to transfer here. With him here the kids
have been stubborn about doing much of anything. Most of the
time they just want to follow him around. Which is making him
nuts and us. As the days go they are getting more and more used
to him being around, which has enabled me to type up this post.
With Toad here the house feels so full. Especially when his girl
and her son come over too. The kids are all running around and
yelling. Today everyone is coming over for the Superbowl and
sleding of course.. Here in my town we had about 3 foot of
snow dropped on us..

I barely noticed the snow till today. The last few days I have been in bed
with a nasty stomach flu. The site or smell of food would send me
off packing. Today I finally am feeling better and can maybe
enjoy the snow and a little food too. Hopefully the baby doesn't
get it or anyone else for that matter. It was some rough stuff.

Hoping to be posting more this week. Have some
Fun Valentine crafts to post. :)


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