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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Day of Silence..

The snow fell again last night, covering the ground in a
beautiful white. Silence blankets the earth. I lay in bed
extra long this morning. Enjoying the feel of the sheets.
Listening to the house wake. Princess was stirring around
extra early. Toad is here for the week and she wanted to
show off her new cooking skills. The children are so full of joy.
Spirit dances from here to there he is so excited that his big
brother is here for a visit.

Sweet Pea is nestled next to me. I can feel her wiggle a little.
She makes her sweet baby sounds. Soon she will be wide
eyed and ready for the day. I love how the snow makes me
feel. Like I can just snuggle under my comforter and have a
good excuse to stay in bed longer. Alas Sweet pea is awake
and smiling all over. What a way to start the day, carefree,
no worries. Just big eyes shineing to see what this world has
in store exploring, learning and growing.

The day goes on... giggles, smiles, books, and papers.
A big pot of vegtable soup simmers on the stove. The
carpet is swept and I run my toes through the fibers. Something
about a new clean carpet. Children are snacking on Sweet tarts.
It has been a busy week. Dental appointments, Dr. appointments...
trying to find peace in all the running around. I sigh and
take a deep breath as I peer out the window. I can see
the silence outside. The coating that calms the earth covering
it in peace. I take it in with a deep breath with the noise
echoing behind me. I barely hear a thing. I whisper to God
blessings, turn and join the giggles and papers once more...
The silence breaks.


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