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Friday, January 8, 2010

Where does JESUS live...

Last night I could tell Spirit was in need of some attention.
I was laying Sweet pea down for bed when I heard him
picking at the other children. I walked out of the room right
to Spirit and took his hand. I lead him to the bathroom for his
bath. I didn't yell or scold him. I just went about things as if
the altercation never occured. Sometimes I forget how little
he is. He wears his camo jacket but chooses his bear hat to wear.
Its a reminder to me how young he is. He often times blends in
with the older children. He really needs that one on one mommy
time. Oh sure he does get my attention all day but how often is
it that sweet pea isnt attached to my hip or when I read him
a story and its interrupted several times by baby or an older child.
So this particular evening I choose bathtime. I sat and listened
to him jabber about his toys and how it works. Eventually
when he seemed more himself I brought up the trouble he had
caused in the other room. The conversation went like this...

What happened in the room a little while ago when mommy
came in?


Were you choosing to do something nice or not so nice
to your sister and brother?

Not nice.

Do you think they will want to play with you if you do not
nice things to them?

Nods no...

Do you think your choice was something Jesus would
want you to do?

No ... pause... At this point I can see he is thinking
of something but with a 3 year old I have no idea where this
is going to go.

Some people think Jesus is in church.

Well, Jesus is all around us.

No, He lives in a barn in a manger with his mom and dad.

He did but now he lives everywhere because we believe he was here.

People think hes at church but he is here .
(puts his hand on his chest)

Yes thats right he's in your heart but you can carry him every
where you go .. even to church.

Oh, How do you squirt this out of here mommy.
(new boat he got for Christmas)

Do I really think my 3 year old understands. No not really but
I do think he is learning something. He has the idea just
doesn't really know the true meaning yet but one day I am pretty
sure he will....

So I went about bathing him, brushing his hair and putting him
in his PJs. I went and got the blow dryer out and dryed it as he
giggled. (He doesn't like sleeping on wet hair) He stops and
smiles and says .. Thanks mom.. and jogs off...I smile to myself.
For just that short moment ...... At 3 am in the morning
I hear him sneak in the bedroom. He as quiet as can be curls up
on my arm. I open my eyes and he grins up. I smile and shut them.
It's been a long time since he has done that so I let it go. I am reminded
again what wonderful gifts my children are to me.

Where does Jesus live for you...In a manger long ago
in a pew at your church or in a child's heart....


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