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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Ways to Hear God Today

holy experience

I am participating this week with the Holy Experience.
Three ways to hear God.....

Listening is something I am working hard on this year. My
Mind is always so full of thought. What I have to do next in the
day? Full of worries, concerns, stresses, to do lists.... I am not
always awake but am awake. Awake and not listening but then
I pause and I can hear God so my children.
What one greater gift than life itself.

I hear them in their hands....
As they Clap with joy.
As they cover their eyes with tears.
In suttle sounds as we work and play
and when its time to fold our Hands and Pray..
Those childlike prayers that remind me how simple
it can really be.

I can hear it in their suttle
sounds as their feet go across the ground.
As they run to me with smiles.
Feet that will one day meet the Lord.
Each little pitter patter sound reminds me that
my walk is sooo profound.

I hear God in their laughter and their chatter.
I hear Him in their songs of praise.

I think of
God most when the day is still.
In the shallow breaths of sleep. A
s I listen for each inward
sigh and snore before I fall asleep.

I listen for God in my children. In song and
the still of the day.


  1. Oh those pictures! Just beautiful! Loved visiting!

  2. Great perspective on listening to God...through our children. How very lovely.


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