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Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is....
January 25th 2010

Outside My Window....
Raining and Raining some more.
Flash flooding in some areas.

I am Thinking.....
About our Sunday school meeting tonight. Its going to be
a full and long one. I also need to get up and wash the lunch dishes.

Health Care....

Dad has had mirgaines this week at least 4 days. I am thinking it
is probably the high blood pressure. Hopefully the new meds get
him back on track.

I am tired today. I know that it is easy to slip into the grab and run
type meals. I have to remember to be careful in my selections.
I also need a few groceries but don't have time till next week.
Rutters doesn't always have the best choices.

From the learning rooms...

Working in Pre Algebra
Literature- Reading about Great Artists
History- Great inventions of America and how they
Influence our lives.
Science- Creation Science

Math- division concepts
Literature- reading Greek Myths
History- French Revolution
Science - Sink and float, Fluids
Submarine Experiment

Working on the letters O, E, M
This entire month we will be working with a snow,
winter theme, Artic, Eskimos, Moose, and winter Olympics.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Breakfast for dinner.
Tuesday- Chicken, corn and potatoe wedges
Wednesday- Roast beef gravey and french fries
Thursday- Hamburgers and pasta
Friday- Salads and fruit
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Pink shirt and gray sweatpants.

I am creating...
Nothing this week. :) I know what I'd like to be creating but
know that this isn't the season of life for much crafting.

I am hearing....
Children discussing beading.

Favorite things.....
Baby rocker which is keeping Sweet pea busy at the moment.

I am Thankful for..
Quiet moments
Talks with Spirit about God this week.
Getting to visit with cousins baby.
Daddys who can get fun foam out of a tiny coffee pot.
Organized choas
Games for early learners

I am praying for...
- My family and their faith as it waivers and hopefully grows
-For a dear Friend as she is coordinating VBS this year
-a special prayer for tonights Sunday school meeting
-And another friend stuggling to pay for a broken van.
(I've been there and can relate)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School -Sunday school meeting
Tuesday- School
Wednesday- School and choir practice
Thursday- school and Choir
Friday- School
Saturday- Open..
Sunday- Church,Path

No photo today. Have to get those dishes done instead. :(


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