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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is....
January 19th 2010

Outside My Window....
It is a good 40 degrees outside, which feels warm to
us after the cold weather we recently have had. The sky
is gray and looks like rain is on it's way. At least its not freezing
rain or snow.

I am Thinking.....
I am a little late on the daybook this week. Superboy
had some dental care done yesterday. Gram also went

with us and bought Sweet pea her baptism gown. I love
how frilly it all is. It has been so long since I have had
little girl things around. Both the older girls are way past
anything frilly or cute. Its just fun to dress her up.

Health Care....
Finally the meds situation with my daughter is figured out!!
They decided to change her meds to something that is covered
by our insurance. My question is Why didn't they do that in the
first place. Isn't that why we pay physicians such high prices...
so that they know these type of things. Sheesh.

Daddy had a Dr. visit too. His blood pressure is dangerously
high so they put him on a new med. He has not been eating
barely any salt . The Dr. believes his body is storing up the salt
since it isn't getting as much. This should subside. His sugar levels
have been doing loops lately as well but I am confident that we
will get that under control again.

Sweet pea also had a visit and her health is right on target.
We are to begin cereal , veggies and juice. :)
I am looking forward to this feeding time.

Monday I spent the day working on Dr. appointments for the
kids as our keeping healthy plan. I am working on dental care too.
Trying to find a provider that covers what we need.
Trying to keep up with preventive care for a large family can
be a big job.

We are working on portion control with the children.
I found a website that explains it. I'll share it later.
I think that they need to learn about nutrition as part of their
school. They will be doing this sometime this month and
creating their own food menus. Possibly even preparing their meals.

From the learning rooms...

Working in Pre Algebra
Literature- Reading about Great Artists
History- American history the Wild west
Science- Creation Science

Math- Beginning division concepts
Literature- reading Greek Myths
History- French Revolution
Science - Sink and float, Fluids
Submarine Experiment

Working on the letters O, E, M
This entire month we will be working with a snow,
winter theme, Artic, Eskimos, Moose, and winter Olympics.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Chicken strips, Broccoli rice and peas
Tuesday- Beef potpie ( Salad for Me tonite)
Wednesday- Hamburgers and pasta
Thursday- Salad and subs
Friday- fruit tray and pasta
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
black jeans, purple shirt , barefeet
(where are my slippers my feet are cold)

I am creating...
Snowmen snacks. (photos later)

I am hearing....
Everyone arguing, baby crying... one of those days.
(*note.. I actually had to stop typing and go straighten
things our. All is well now. Baby is sleeping and children
are building a tent)

Favorite things.....

I am Thankful for..

Getting Dr. appointments scheduled
Daddy vaccumed today (thank you)
Superboys Dental appointment went well one
more treatment to go.
Found an wonderful author for the kids George
Minor. Loving his stories of Alaska.
I am thankful of this little moment for myself today.

I am praying for...
-My dad his leg is infected after a fall at work
and has acquired a blood clot from the incident
- My family and their faith as it waivers and hopefully grows
-Grandma as her heart has been skipping beats
-For a dear Friend as she is coordinating VBS this year.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Superboys Dental appointment (no school today)
Tuesday- School - Sweet peas dental appointment
Wednesday- School and choir practice
Thursday- school, Daddys Birthday
Friday- School , J-train and Cubscout sleepover
Saturday- Open..
Sunday- Church,Path

Here is a photo I'd like to share .
Sweet pea has such big eyes..:)


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