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Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple womans daybook

Today is....
January 11th 2010

Outside My Window....
It is going to be 14 degrees today. Brrr Reports
say that Wed. it will be 30 degrees. We keep joking it
will feel like summer.

I am Thinking.....
About God and Faith. I was talking with a friend during Sunday
services this week. He was telling me that he was reading a book
about Faith. I can't remember the title off hand. He said the book
was talking about how our faith fluctuates and we don't always
realize it. Sometimes are faith is strong and sometime we are questioning
everything. It was a nice reminder to me that we all question sometime
and that I wasn't alone in that. The good news is my faith is on the mend.
I have been filling my prayers with thanksgiving and that has helped
tremendously in how I feel. I suppose if you focus on the negative, that
negative thought will bring you with it.

Health Care....
I still have not gotten the meds situation worked out
yet for my daughter. I hope they get to it soon as her prescription
runs out in two weeks. I'll have to hop on the horn again this week
and get them going.

Daddy seems to be doing pretty well. We have not had anymore
episodes with his hands cramping up. He goes to the Dr. this
Evening so I'll better be able to report after that. He has been
laying around again quite a lot. I finally told him Saturday that he has
to get up and moving. I told him I am not trying to be mean but I
want him to get well and that won't happen if he is collecting dust on
the sofa. I hate to say I have resorted to giving him odd jobs to do but
it gets him moving around more.

As for our diet. Begin again begin again. I took all of our cookies
from Christmas that were left over and gave them to the youth
last night. In an event to rid us of so many snack foods. We had
so many cookies left. I couldn't bear the thought of us eating them all.
So we passed them on. Share the love so to speak.

From the learning rooms...

Working in PreAlgebra
Literature- reading the rest of Old Yeller
History- American history the Wild west
Science- Creation Science

Math- Beginning division concepts
Literature- Beginning reading Greek Myths
History- French Revolution
Science -We will finish Chemistry and Mixtures
This week.

Working on the letters O, E, M
This entire month we will be working with a snow,
winter theme, Artic, Eskimos, Moose, and winter Olympics.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Chicken Corn soup
Tuesday- Spaghetti with garlic crescents
Wednesday- Hamburgers and pasta
Thursday- Pot stew
Friday- Pork chops, corn and baked potatoes
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Gray pants, pink shirt and fuzzy slippers.

I am creating...
This week I will be working on Three mittens felt board pieces
and some fun winter snacks for the kids to try.

I am hearing....
Handy Manny Spirits favorite show in the morning

Favorite things.....
My sketchbook and pencils

I am Thankful for..
Snuggle time with Spirit this week reading books
Sipping Hot Chocolate with marshmallows inside
Talks about God with Daddy
Helpful hands in cleaning up
Sweet peas warm winter Jammies
Hugs from my family
Spirit as its his Birthday this week

I am praying for...
-My dad his leg is infected after a fall at work
and has acquired a blood clot from the incident
- My family and their faith as it waivers and hopefully grows
-Our Disciple coordinator as he is doing something
very difficult today.
-Grandma as her heart has been skipping beats

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Dr. appointment for Daddy
Tuesday- School - Shopping for Spirits Birthday
Wednesday- School and choir practice (Doing an
Easter Play)
Thursday- school and cub scouts
Friday- School , Spirits Birthday
Saturday- Open..
Sunday- Church,Path

Here is a photo I'd like to share .
Thanks five minutes for moms for the fire suit!!
Don"t you love the bare feet.


  1. It's very cold here to in Northern Indiana.
    Chicken corn soup? Sounds good!:)

  2. It is really cold here to. I love making big post of things that last all week if need be. Thanks for stopping by.



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