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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Once Upon a Time.....

Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl so sweet that
her mommy called her "Sweet pea". She was so fair, with big
blue eyes, and her little smile lit the room. When she smiled at
her mommy you could see the world. Mommy new that one day
little Sweet pea would know that she did not know all and so
enjoyed each and every treasure given.

Each and every day Mommy would snuggle Sweet pea.
Kiss, hug and Snuggle but soon the snuggling would prove harder
than before.

Now as it was told Sweet pea was a very active little gal. She
was always moving. When she laid upon the royal blanket she
rolled to and fro just like tumble weed. Mommy would have to
run and roll that tumble weed back to a safe haven on the
royal blanket. When Sweet pea was held she would wave
her arms as if she were taking off. She would shake her legs like
she was riding in a rodeo, making it difficult for mommy to snuggle.

Alas Mommy new that Sweet pea needed some entertainment.
Something to Wiggle out all those wiggles so she pulled out the
old friend Johnny Jump up and Daddy ran it through the daddy
test for safety. We surely wouldn't want our little tumble weed
to tumble and fall. Now Johnny gets to grip hard while sweet pea
jumps and wiggles like a little Kangaroo safe in her Mommys pouch...

....and Maybe just maybe Mommy gets to snuggle her other little worms
while sweet pea wiggles with giggles. When the smiles soon pass away
and the pea is ready to rest in the pod then Mommys arms await
for the snuggle.

Soon this time will pass and we will be on to a new adventure. We
shall enjoy this time as it is given.


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