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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Mitten Tree

The Mitten Tree
by Candace Christiansen
Illustrated by Elaine Greenstein

The mitten tree is a heartwarming story about an older women
whose children have grown and lives alone and watches the children
outside of her home. As she watches them play she notices that
one child does not play. So she knits some mittens to match his coat.
She enjoys making mittens and the smile on that childs face that
she makes more mittens. Each time hanging them on nearby pine
tree for the children to find.

This is a wonderful story to read to children at Christmas time
while the church mitten trees our up. Our church collects
mittens, scarfs and hats for children who need them.

With the help of mom Spirit created these mittens. I precut
the shapes for him. Then used a hole punch to make the snowflake
pattern on the front. We used notebook reinforcement tab stickers
the help the holes from tearing while we sewed. I held the mittens
for him while he laced the string through. (*Hint for a needle you
can twist a small piece of masking tape to the end of the yarn)
Then we added some cotton balls which he could do himself.

Put on Your Mittens

Put on your mittens,
It's cold I fear,
It's that winter time of year,
Play in your yard,
But when you're done,
Pull off your mittens,
One by one!

Here are some of the other fun activites we did but didn't take
Photos of.....
Math ideas from Kindergarten Corner: Mitten Math Ideas

The Mitten in the Snow Emergent Reader

Our Mittens Emergent Reader

Mitten ABC’s Emergent Reader

Mitten patterning worksheet that I found searching
the internet:
Mitten Patterning

Mitten Counters these cards can be used for several
activities, such as counting and matching. They
would also make a fun memory game! We rolled a dice
and layed snow balls for the number on the die. (cotton balls)

Mitten Alphabet File Folder Game

Mitten Matching Colors File Folder Game

We also created this toy story mitten tree. I cut two tree
shapes from green construction paper. I folded both pieces
of paper in half and stapled them at the fold. I also cut out
matching mittens from Toy story scrapbook paper. I mixed
all of the mittens up and then Spirit sorted them out finding
Their matches. For extra fun we glued them to our mitten tree.
(I gut out about 10 pairs of mittens I probably should have cut
more as our tree looks a litte sparse . So if you are doing
this I would suggest more mittens or cut them larger. )


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