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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God is Here..

Experiencing GOD...

There was a time when I could feel God so strongly around me.
He was in all I did. The feeling was so intense. He was brushing by
me throughout the day. I could feel Him through song, through
my food, through everything. I had learned through many trials to completely
trust in Him. I still can but as the tides ebb and flow the power
of the senses seems to dull or am I not watching. Day to day life seems to have
taken over. The winter cold has me feeling blah.. I crave and look
for that strong sense of Him. My experience with God lately is
Searching...wanting more of his word.

I have prayed and He has given. I have sung songs to empower
my faith. I have received and received and received. Now
God sits and quiet as a drifting snowflake, gently floats though
the air. Beginning as a small droplet of water. Bouncing up and down
through air currents changing form to a frozen piece. Intricate in detail,
by design and by power. Drifting slowly to me sure and steady.
Giving me time to watch learn and listen. To think upon his word.
Watching and waiting. Eyes wide open looking toward heaven with
anticipation. As one flake falls gently upon my face, a very gentle
and delicate drop, Barely felt upon my skin and then as fast as it
touches my flesh it melts away .I crave more. I Search for another
and lift my face again.Only to see coming upon me myriads of white drops
all above my head ready to reach me. Many words. Floating
and swirling in my mind. God is Here. Weather quietly or fully
in my face. Gently or roaring. He is here.

holy experience


  1. So beautiful. My walk with Him is quiet too these days - but I know He is there, still teaching, loving, refining, refining, refining. I will revisit this post often the next few days, to soak up the beauty - my feelings through your words. Thank you.
    grace to you,

  2. Thank you Aimee for the kind words. It has been a struggle lately to feel him but I know he is there by my own senses. Sometimes my life struggles seem more. I have to remember to push them aside because God is more than any of that.

    Thanks for visiting.


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