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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goals for 2010

I've been sort of mulling around in my head about Resolutions that
we make when the new year rolls around. Typically I make
my list like most of you probably have. We are always trying
to improve ourselves which is a good thing. Ways to grow more
spiritual, ways to organize ourselves, promises to spend more
time with children, promises to spend less money or maybe in some
cases more on a given hobby, and ways to divide out our time. We
put in our heads what the perfect wife and mother would be an
then try to attain it. Typically most of us fail, which includes me.
Maybe as I made these goals for myself at the time they seemed
attainable. Yet somehow I rarely reach them. Maybe I am making
them to large. This year I vow to make them things I can
actually accomplish.

One such goal for example was to read the bible in
a year. Now that one sounds attainable but then things occur. A new
baby comes, daddy in the hospital and so on and so forth. Oh sure
I read my bible a lot but maybe not quite on the schedule I created
for myself. One thing I have found with this goal over the last 2 years
is that I can't read the bible that way. It might work for some but
if I am not interested in a particular topic then I can't focus on it.
So my goal for this year is to do what I have been doing. If I want to
read the book of Ruth. Well then I will open it to the book of Ruth.
If I feel the need to read Luke. Then I will just open it and read Ruth.
I will keep track on a bookmark that I made which books I have
read and lets see how close I get to reading the entire bible.
That is my first goal to read the bible when I want, where I want
and how much I want and maybe I won't complete the entire
thing this year but I think I will get more from it then before.
(*Coming soon a file for share link on my sidebar.
The books of the bible bookmark will available there. Keep watch)

The next one on my list is always to be more organized.
I have read every blog on organization, I have created a management
binders and schedules and more schedules.. Honestly life happens.
I have these schedules and read tips and tricks on occasion.
If my home isn't perfectly clean, well then this is a home.
My resolution on that is create a home atmosphere. Create a
mess and clean it when you have time. I can attain that one. :)

Since Daddy's hospital stay life has really changed for us.
I know that I keep saying that but it has. I watch my children
play. I watch him with them. I ponder what is important
right now. My next goal for 2010 is to spend more family time.
Amazingly I did complete one resolution last year. That was
to create a less hectic schedule. I took out Co-op, I no longer
teach Sunday school, my elementary youth group is to one
meeting a month and alternating planning with 3 other adults,
and Sr. high youth is to when I am available. Definitely a big
difference from the past. At times we do miss our friends at
Co-op but I have had time to focus on our family and
honestly I see much work to do spiritually.

Another goal is to eat healthier this year, which we have
already started doing. It is easier to do when it is life
threatening. You have to do it to prolong your life. In 2010
I plan to do much research on nutrition as I have been doing
and try to add something new each month to create healthier
living. I am already planning a summer of exercise. A time
to pat off the dust and get outside and moving. All of the
children need this. I have many ideas rolling around in my head
already and it may even start early at the bud of spring.

Lastly I want to find sometime to create. I need that so much
and have not had anytime to do these things with my hands.
Yesterday I sat and drew a bit. Did a few sketches of the baby.
I enjoyed this quick sketch moment and hope to do more of it
in 2010.

So there you have it. Not much of a challenge I know but
Goals I can attain. What goals did you create for 2010? Are
they realistic and attainable?


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