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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fluffy Snowman Snack

(I apologize for the bad photo. It was the only one
that came out half way and the kids ate the evidence.)

Just when I was starting to enjoy our 50 degree temps.
They drop back down to the 20's. I think even our grass was
fooled as it began to turn green. Seriously I knew it wouldn't
last for very long. We have several more weeks of winter to go.

This is that long stretch where children start to get a bit
wiggly. They want to go outside but brrr so cold that
they don't last very long. The children began to bicker
during lessons today so I pulled out a snack idea I had put
aside for such a day. (Always have a back up)

All you need are some large marshmallows, pretzels and
some little icing tubes for details. Push the 3 marshmallows
onto one long pretzel to create the 3 bumps of a snowman.
Then decorate as you like.


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