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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Here is wishing you all a Happy New Year!
May 2011 keep you close to your family and
May God bless you !!


2010 and Goals for 2011

Another year has just about passed by. I am
so grateful for the time with my family, time is
fleeting. The older I get the more I realize how important
the little things are. Much has changed and much has stayed
the same. Sweet pea has grown so much this year. She
has changed from a tiny little baby with big wide eyes.

To a toddling wide eyed toddler. She has learned to
talk, walk, play like a big girl and sneak into
things she isn't supposed to have. She is
my little Angel with horns. My plan was originally
to add in some tot school but sweet pea wasn't
ready for any formal play. The other day I took out
some clothes pins and a jar. She played for quite
sometime. She also has found the magnet drawing
boards and loves to draw and erase it. So I think
she might be ready for some markers or crayons and
some Tot school play.

Sweet Peas Goals for 2011-

-Get Completely away from Her bottle only drinking
from a sippy cup.
-Begin a little tot school
- at some point probably potty training. She is
already bringing me diapers when she is wet
and points when she has gone.
-spend lots of time reading together.

We also had two first birthdays this year.
Sweet pea brought in her new year with the
silliness only she can muster.

Our Grandson baby Bird who started his next year
with his utter cuteness.

Princess has grown and changed too. She is so much the lady
and raging with teen age angst. She has gone through
several boyfriends this year. Despite the fact that
I'm not ready for it. I'd like it to wait a little longer.
Keep the dolls in the boxes and the little girl smile
but I know that the time has come. Luckily all of her
first likes have come from our church family.

This is the newest one (Below). At least he has some sense of
humor. Oh and for those friends out there that are concerned
their relationship is facebook, phone calls and youth group.

Princess has come so far in her academics this year. She does
much of it on her own with little guidance from me thanks
to the workbox system. She is writing more clearly and
beginning to understand directions a little more. In fact
she is reading at a 12th grade reading level. Her
comprehension is at a 6th grade level. Recently we
just did some testing so I'm hoping all that has improved.

Princess' Goals for 2011:

-Work on reading comprehension
-Improve spelling skills
-Continue to build her self esteem and
push through her anxiety at trying new things.

Superboy has become quite the character. His humor
and art abilities have just grown considerably. His
new fashion statements come and go. They can be rather
interesting at times. He learns from them and moves on. He
has improved in his reading skills and I can't wait for testing
results to see how much he has improved. He continues to
excel in math and is a grade level ahead.

Superboys Goals for 2011:
-Keeping his space clean and organized
-Begin to work more on lessons alone
- Learn how to better manage his time
- Continue improving reading skills
- Work on improving writing

Spirit has been learning and growing too. We haven't had
a lot of time for formal pre k but with things thrown
in here and there he has been learning with leaps and bounds.
The picture below is of him and heart at a steam and
engine show. He was able to ride on a train and visit
with some farm animals. I think his fascination with trains
has seemed to wain a bit and has turned to construction
trucks and what they do. His needy sister often
encompasses much of moms time but he has a laid
back approach to her.

Spirits Goals for 2011:

-Learn to count to 20
-Recognize his ABC and their sounds
(pretty much can do this already)
-Learn a little self control
-For mom- spend more time with Spirit

Heart has changed some too but not as much as the others.
She Graduated from high school and got a job working at
a pizza restaurant. She is still dating the same boy going on
3 years now.

Hearts Goals for her for 2011:

-Begin college Hopefully the one she is wishing for
-Get drivers licence

2010 was full of trials too...

Daddy and I have gone through a few things. Medically he is
doing much better. As long as we can continue to afford
his medical needs. His heart failure seems to be healing
somewhat. He can drink (fluids) a little more than he could at the
beginning and we really watch his salt and caffine intake.
I feel like the food police sometimes but its for his own good.
Then as some of you know he cut his hand with a table saw
a few months ago. His Diabetes is under control and the
healing has gone rather smoothly. He cannot completely
bend his fingers into a fist and we aren't sure he will
ever be able to do that. (Dominate hand)

We did lose our medical insurance and it looks like he
is permanently laid off. His hand did bring a blessing in
that we may be eligible for a discount with the hospital
for his medicine. I just wish it didn't take a 5,000 dollar
visit to tell us that. He is also working with an special
agency to find work with his disablities and signed up for
the foot in door program. We are in tier 3 now with his
unemployment which can be pretty scary since the
president has to ok it all the time. With the foot in door
program he should have work by April or May God willing.

Changes for me and the family have been huge.
I have had to get a part time job to suppliment our income.
I am hoping to continue homeschool next year but
it all depends on the foot and door. I didn't want to
utterly change my childrens lives if we didnt have to so
I got this part time job doing before and after care at
the elementary school. It can be difficult to juggle
home, school and work. I imagine that things may
get harder as time goes. My decisions now are just
as important as they will be later. Its a heavy weight
that I have given to God. I have learned a lot in that
I can't just wait for God. Sometimes you have to
get up and make your own life because God may just
be waiting on you.

Goals 2010 almost seem
silly now. Yet amazingly I accomplished some of them.
I managed to read several chapters of my bible and
Planned some fabulous co-op lessons. I did add
much more chaos to my life which wasn't part of keeping
life simple. I added 2 Bible classes at our co-op and
a service project coordinator. I no long do our youth
activities regularly its more sporatic as I feel I can
and I added a new group called FROGS for elementary
children at our church . However this meets once
a month instead of the every other week like
the J-train group. I do have work to add the the
mix too. Which includes paper work, lessons plans,
gym activities and loves and hugs. (which is the easy part)
These things I enjoy.

I did manage the clean as I have time goal but more time than
not I dont have time to clean. The kids and dad do much
of the cleaning and cooking. I squeeze in what I can
to take some of it from them. In fact over our holiday
break it has felt so wonderful to do those things that I once
wasn't sure I liked, Like washing dishes or hanging clothes.

Eating healthier has been a major proirity and one we
really have no choice on. There is always room for
improvement. Unfortunatly I probably eat the least
healthy of the entire family since I am coming and
going all the time with work and Hearts work. I often
eat alone later at night in the kitchen or grab
something between our lessons. I hope to try to
watch more what I am eating. We did mange a
walking challenge with the family when the weather
was warmer and we reached our goal of walking
to a nearby town. Possibly this summer we will try
a new challenge and a new walking goal.

Having time to create was my last goal. I didn't have
time for that and have resigned to the fact that it's
not the season of life for that. My time is more focused
on family and I didn't miss this like I thought I would.

Goals for 2011

- Dad Find work that matches his ability
- Create goals for mine and childrens futures
-read more of my bible
-eat healthier

2010 has been a wild ride.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Time to share some of our holiday photos.

This is our Christmas Tree. Our children choose all of the
decorations and balls. This year we have a mix match of various
balls and colors. One day I'd like to have another tree besides
my angel tree for Grandpa. One that is all natural and everything
on it is made by us. I envision the wispy pines.

We have had a fabulous holiday. Above is Spirit with his
morning bed head. He was the first up and at the great
hour of 6 am.

Sweet pea here is practicing her Ohh aahh look.

Oh my look at this handsome guy in his new suit. Ignore the
mess from the gifts. You can also sort of see our small
school area there. With all the books and Princess' workbox is
right behind his head.

Sweet pea and heart putting their heads together.
So sweet the youngest and oldest.

Spirit with his Christmas gift from grandma.
I love how she decorated the packages this year.
Each got a big surprise !!

And then the excitement....
Spirit got a learning center leappad.

Superboy got his covetted Wii.

Princess got a flat screen for her bedroom. (all smiles there)

For my college bound girl a new laptop. Sweet pea got an
adorable doll house. Thanks So much Grammy for making
their Christmas so special .

We even got a chance to spend the day with our
Bird and his mom. We made a big meal right after Christmas
and the kids played together.

Hope you had a blessed holiday.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Count Down to Christmas

Yep, I am way late in posting this but maybe an idea
for you to use next year. A friend had given us this
December Calendar as a countdown. It has little
pockets for your treat to be placed inside. I created
a calendar in word and added my activites for each day.
Then I printed out 2 calendars. One as a reference for
me and one to cut apart and put in our pockets. Below
are the activities I choose for our Calendar. You can
use ideas that work best for your family. To be honest
with our little emergency room visit many of these
were pushed to the side but I will have this as a reference
for next year. :)

Dec. 1- Make Cocoa with crushed mint on top
and cool whip
Dec. 2- Dance with scarves to holiday songs
Dec. 3- Co-op Christmas party (which we missed
because of dads hand)
Dec. 4- Family Christmas party
Dec. 5- FROGs Youth Christmas party
Dec. 6- Make Marble mice and decoarte with
a holiday theme. Marble Mice , Blank Marble Mice
Dec. 7- Read A Christmas Story childs choice
Dec. 8th- Write letter to Santa
Dec. 9th-Read Mark 1 :1-8 and Dove Holding an Olive Leaf
Dec. 10- Christmas Cafe at our church
Dec. 11- Make teacher gifts for Sunday school
pre purchased at oriental trading
Dec. 12-SGRPRC Christmas party (work party
all family invited)
Dec. 13-Read The Crippled Lamb, Sheep Paper plate craft
Dec. 14- Eat a candy cane
Dec. 15- Read a Merry christmas Curious George
Cut out a paper tree and decorate your own with
glitter, sequins and pom poms
Dec. 16th- Read Luke 1: 26-28, Angel craft
Dec. 17th- Snowman hunt. Children get clues
to find our frosty stuffed snowman. Then we
watch the movie.
Dec. 18th- Create Holiday cards for nursing homes
Dec. 19th- Christmas caroling at nursing home
and deliver cards
Dec. 20- Decorate a gingerbread man from
craft foam. Use various supplies for decorating.
Dec. 21- Read Matthew 1:18-24, Baby Jesus envelope craft
Dec. 22- Read Luke 2: 1-5 ,Wear Crazy holiday socks
Dec. 23 Isaiah 9:1-6, Make popcicle stick star ornament
Dec. 24th- Read twas the night before Christmas and
attend Christmas eve services
Dec. 25th- Hide a baby in the house for children to find.
Merry christmas !

Have a Happy Christmas EVE!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Ready...

What do you think of our Poinsettia pictures. I had
to block out their names in paint program but they were so fun
and easy to make. We didn't have as much time to
work on crafts and holiday fun as I had planned .

Today we spent the day cleaning up. Talk about last
minute getting things done this year. The kids are
still cleaning up their areas. I need to work in my room
when sweet pea takes a nap. I have to clean up and
wrap some more gifts. Most are already done. I also
took the time to clean out our schoolroom. My hope
is to have things planned and ready for the new year.
Way before the race of work and school begins again.
Luckily I have off work till after the new year.

Superboy is learning the ropes on how to clean up.
I had him clean up him and Spirits workbench play
area. I had to have him redo it 4 times. Giving new
direction each time and thinking he would have it this
time. After Christmas we will work on his room yet again
doing the same things. Since the realization is that he has
no idea how to clean. It's time he learns. There well be
much supervision and work on moms part.

Sweet pea over our little holiday break will be finally
transitioning from bottle to cup. So far she is doing fine
with it with only using the bottle for naps and bedtime. This
should have been done long already but no time like the
present to get it done.

I feel so bad that I didn't get the things I wanted to
get posted here. I guess I am going to have to resign
to the fact that this will have to be a once in awhile
blog because life is so busy. Maybe one day soon
things will change a bit but for now this is the season
of life I am in. So once in awhile will have to do.

Well off to take a break and watch it's a wonderful life.
Friday, December 17, 2010

Waiting for Something to Give or Creating your own Gift

I'd like to say things have settled down a bit but they really
have not. I try to keep life organized but I feel like I am always
catching up. Somehow though I try my best to enjoy each second.
My boss and friend actually told me she saw a pastor on TV
recently. He talked about sitting back and waiting for something
to change, for life to get better. When better is what you make
of it or how you perceive it. It is up to you to change your life.
Sure prayer helps you do that but praying and just sitting back
may not be what God wants from you. Maybe that prayer
in turn is an action you are to take. How would you know
that if you are still waiting and not looking with your eyes
wide open and your mind. I think of all the things that were
and are now. How before I was able to stay home with our
children and now I need to work some to make ends meet.
How different it is and how busy my days can be and filled with so
much activity and fun. Admittedly sometimes not so fun and tiring too.
I sometimes think of things that are to come , like an empty
house and old age. I revel in the moments of the here and now.
Possibly my gifts, my struggles are truly the Joy of God and Love
of God. Maybe you don't understand that with all the struggle
I love God more then I have ever imagined. He is my here
and now.

We went today to have Dad's hand looked at. The Dr. took
the big bandages away now. Leaving only large band aides
and a plastic thing that goes over the one finger. Next time
he goes he will need to have more X-rays. There is the possibility
that he will not need physical therapy but will always have
some pain in that hand. Especially as he ages. In case you
missed the entire incident dad cut his hand with a table saw
and thats the short version of the story.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family update

The holiday is just flying right by me. I have not had
time to really enjoy it. I miss being at home and our
quiet days. I'm not even sure I remember what those are.
I spent the afternoon today wrapping everything. I think it's
done but you know it's not. I am always wrapping something
last minute. Dad is at the moment making cookies with the
kids. I decided to sneak off and stop in with my little blog.

Dad's hand seems to be doing fairly well. He has an appointment
Friday for them to look it over. I am hoping that it is healing
as it should. We will know more then. I am astounded at the cost
of the gauze and gauze pads per how much he needs each time
to keep the area clean. We spent over $60. just last week on
the necessary supplies. I hope to have time this week to find a
more reasonable place than rite aid. At times he has tried to
do to much and has caused it to open some what again. I scold
him for this. Sweet pea of course it interested in the wrapped
up appendage. She has gone to wearing a sock on her hand like
dad. The kids say it looks like and oven mitt and we have joked
about gluing wiggle eyes to it like a puppet.

Work is going easily now. Just when I have gotten into a routine
the bad weather hits. I hate driving in the stuff. Now I
almost feel a bit of a panic when I have to drive in it. It has been
probably 5 years since I have had to drive in the mess. Typically
we had the luxury of just staying home. Again I miss that.

Sweet pea has been sick this week which again limited my
blog time to nothing. She was so fussy and her poor little eyes
were a mess with an infection. I took her to the doctor about
the infection and came out with the knowledge that she also
had an upper respiratory viral infection , sore throat and the
eye infection. I had not idea about the others. She only seemed
to have a slightly stuffed up nose and she was eating fine.

We are managing school as well which is a feat on its own.
Both children are doing swimmingly. Superboy has been
really working on his reading skills. Now to motivate that
writing. Princess has impressed me this year with all the correct
answers. Typically it takes her several tries to understand
somethings. It is just like the light finally came on and she
understands. Spirit and I have only done a little work
together because of work and everything I have narrowed
his time to a story and activity with the story. With
letter games and number games sprinkled in. That is all
I can muster and really it's all he needs. We have stuck to
a strict schedule otherwise things wouldn't work .

Well off to snuggle with sweet pea. I think she's getting
a little tired again.

Friday, December 3, 2010

December 1st..

I had so much to post this week and nothing got posted to you.
I have tons of holiday ideas, crafts and games for you, but
On December 1st things didn't go as planned. If you follow
you already now our struggles. Well, I thought I couldn't handle
one more thing but there it is...

Dad was working in the shed on Wed. I got a call from my
mom that my Great Aunt is about to pass on. and that my great
uncle is in the hospital with congestive heart failure and fluid on
his lungs. My great Aunt I am closest to she took care of me a lot when
I was little. I went to the shed to tell Dad and cry a little. When
I felt ok I went back in to the kids. Not 10 minutes after Dad comes
in hollering that he has to go to the ER. I look and he had severely
cut his hand with a table saw. Needless to say we spent the
last 2 days in the hospital. He had surgery and is doing fine for
the moment. The doctor so far has saved his fingers. He cut
2 of the fingers to the joint and one right up the side of the bone
losing part of the finger. He is susceptible to infection because
he is a diabetic. We just got home last night and he is in terrible
pain. Twice a day he has to soak it in water for half an hour.
This is torture for him. Please think of us as we go through
the days and I'll try to get to posting my holiday things soon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.
It has bee a lovely time off with my family. We
had a huge feast at my mom's on Thanksgiving. Then
turned around and had one again on Saturday with all
of the kids and their significant others. It was so nice
to spend time with everyone.

It also feels so good to be slightly organized again. I got
the entire house cleaned including Superboys room thanks to his
sister. I have our lessons ready for the coming weeks but still
would like to add some holiday crafting. Clubs are planned for
work; all of it now just needs prepared. Oh and our holiday
decorations are up and ready. Except for a few Halloween
window clings I noticed on the front door this morning. (Hee hee)

Just for fun I created this fun Turkey barrett. I found it on
another blog you can find it here Gobble Hair clip.

I am thankful for...

My Lord and Savior.

My family, home, food on the table, transportation and
clothing on our backs.

God is so good.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birds First Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Grandbaby Bird.. We had a
wonderful time celebrating his Birthday on Saturday.
I thought I'd share a few of our best photos.

Bird and his Mommy...

Heart and Bird. This was after his cake. His hair is all cute
and curly... He is sporting the new jacket Heart bought him.

Bird and Sweet pea enjoying the wrapping paper more
than the toys. Sweet pea is two months older than
Bird but looks a little bit smaller in size.

I love this one of sweet pea. Her face always shows her

Superboy stealing the show. He always is doing something

It's so fun being your grandmom Baby Bird.
Love you !!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Giveaway at 5 Minutes for Moms...


I almost didn't get the chance to participate in the Christmas Giveaway
going on all through November at 5 Minutes for moms. I am finally
getting around to posting about the event. Every year 5 minutes for moms
helps bloggers get a jump start on their shopping. Go to their website
for details and rules. Last year I won a necklace with all of my childrens
names on them. Here are some of the participating contests at the moment.

Britax B-Ready Stroller valued at $499.00
Little Tikes Neighborhood Market
Keurig Single-Cup Brewer and Selection of Folgers Gourmet
Selections and Millstone Coffee K-Cups
Superstructs Custom Kit
Sing-a-ma-jigs Giveaway
BISSELL Steam & Sweep
Indestructibles Baby Books
$25 Gift Certificate to Lavish & Lime
Oneida Bakeware
Kaleidoscopes for Christmas
Epson Stylus NX625 all-in-one printer
The Land of Nod Christmas Giveaway
Disney Sing It Party Hits for the Wii
Hot toys from Playskool, Hasbro and Playmobil
Playful Playskool Giveaway
Nintendo’s New Carnival Games for the Wii
dB Logic Earphones Giveaway
Metal Frame Micro RC Helicopter from Discovery Store Giveaway
Hall Stars Indoor 2 in 1 Hockey Baseball Game
Things Remembered Giveaway
Beyblade Giveaway
Celebrity Gift Basket Worth Over $450.00
Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony Giveaway
Gift Certificate to Jewelry Ninja

Good luck entering...

Also don't forget to nominate any families you know of that are
In need.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

* What do you think of my new look?

Today is...
November 22, 2010

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - I stopped at our church Christmas bazaar to deliver some
goodies for the sale. Then we headed to my grandsons 1st
Birthday party. Photos later. Lots of great photos.

Sunday- We had church services. Then I sat around waiting for a
friend to come and take a look at our van. He didn't make it.
I'm hoping he comes sometime in the upcoming week .

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-
Spiders, Mice, and Thanksgiving
(Mostly educational play)

Superboy age 10-
Has just started a 5th grade math book. I'm not sure I like
the curriculum. The way it is set up is a tad confusing. He
also started a new Language curriculum. Hoping that that goes
smoother than the math has been.

Princess age 13- Princess is also finishing up books from
last year and is about to embarq on some new material as well.

I am wearing...
Jeans and black shirt

I am hearing ...
Baby fussing. She is a little over tired.
(Now she is in my lap)

Favorite things.....
My desk. It's finally cleaned off.

I am Thankful for...
Baby gates

Story time with Sweet pea (Read baby Jesus so cute)

The bible story books I found at the church sale

warm quilts

For our van, which is barely hanging on. I am filling
it with power steering every day.

I am praying for...

Our van - That Brian can come and fix it otherwise
I don't know what we will do.

In need of dads medicine. (Going on week 3 without them)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Typical monday
Tuesday- Parent training sessions
Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving day at moms
Friday- Black Friday staying home
Saturday- Our Thanksgiving at home
Sunday- Church services and Hanging of the greens
at our church.
Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week of Wonder....

Hi everyone. It has been one crazy week again. I barely have time
for my little blog but just can't give up my love of writing. (even
if I'm not so good at it. ) When I finally did get to visit here I found
my blog had a few errors. So I have changed to a plain template
at the moment. I hope to tweak it a bit this weekend and make it
my own. I'm not as good with blogger as I was with my other templates.

Work is going great. The kids are beginning to get into the swing of
things. We had a sparks gym person come yesterday and I loved how
she incoorporated music with gym time. They loved it and it kept
them moving. Might be an idea for those gymtime co-ops. The
children also came up with the idea to make a paper chain of all the
things they are thankful for. They have at the moment 400 links. I
am beginning to not know what to do with it.

Home education here is speeding by. My children are working
hard everyday. Superboy started a 5th grade math book. It is
new and different. We haven't decided yet if we like it. His
language and grammar is new too and has been a bit of a struggle
adjusting to it. Our home is a mess. I need to get to that as soon
as I can, but Saturday is our church bazaar and I have some things
I have to get done. Well off to work. Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Political Views

I just want to say right now before I post this that I have
no idea where I stand on the political front. It is so hard to
choose someone who's views match your own when typically
only a few of the things a politician might say matches your views.
Even then you aren't sure if its the honest truth or it's someone sifting
for votes. I don't feel right being placed in one party because
my views aren't always in one spot. I may be unsure where I
politically stand but I do know one thing. I am tired
of hearing things that I believe a politician probably has
absolutely no idea about other than statistics and what
they have read. Now don't get me wrong reading is a good
thing. I am the teacher of my children after all but because I
am a teacher I also know that experienceing something
is more profound than you can imagine. Now here is what I
want to say. I want someone in office who knows. Who has
really been there and remembers. Someone who had to work
hard to get where they are but also knows it is not always
possibly for everyone to meet that American Dream.

Quite frankly I am tired of hearing people complain about
welfare and food stamps. I hear things like

"Those people just need to get a job."
"We should regulate the food they can buy."
"I could do so much if I had that money."
I am tired of lazy people, they need to work."

Seriously lets just take the poors rights completely away since..
well they are poor right. Seriously ....? Why should they matter?
(Place Sarcasm here) If you have not been there then I don't
really want to hear this .

Let me ask you .. Have you ever had to lay your sweet baby
on a floor because you had no bed for them? Have you ever
walked the streets only to be denied a job because of lack of
education but you can't afford to be educated. Possibly even
you were passed right through the system without an education.
Have you ever had to feed your child a can of green beans for
dinner because that is all you had. Now imagine that child who
has food stamps available to them and can have a snack just
like his neighbor and possibly feel a little more normal for
one afternoon. You have no idea the system before you. The
humiliation of having to apply. Being talked down to as if you
are unintelligent because you are poor. Never mind if you miss
one line on that form and loose your benefits as a punishment
for that month. What a punishment.... We take the food from
these children's mouths because of a blank box. I know it has
to be regulated in someway but wow...

And never mind all this hoopla over health care. I don't
know what is right but until you have been there.. You don't know.
What would it be like for you if you were expecting and you had
to be herded like cattle and weighed in during a check up. Where
your choice is really no choice at all. Your teeth ache but you
will need to pull it with pliers because you don't qualify for help.
What about a spouse who relies on his medicine for life but you
can't afford it. Really think about that. Your spouse would die
without it. Sure I hear you, you would do what it takes to get it
right? You would just get a job? For some none of this is an option
and the cost of health care with out insurance can be untouchable.
They can't work because of their health. No one will hire them.
What is wrong with helping each other. Our we so tied up that
we can't see past our own needs. What of the needs of others.

I don't have all the answers. I don't know what the people
in office should do but I just ask that you do a little more listening
and a lot less judging. Do one good thing for someone else. The other
day a friend of mine and her husband were going out, going through
the drive through at a fast food resturant. They have been
struggling day in and out. They ordered food.
The man in front of them paid for their meal. No questions
he just passed it along . He gave to someone
he didn't know. How hard is it for us to pull the blinds away
and give in to Gods love. To love one another . Please
pass it along we are all stuggling. If you have a gift share it.

God bless,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Simple Women's Daybook

Today is...
November 8, 2010

Outside My Window....
It's hard to tell what the day will bring. It is still really early
in the morning. Today is a teacher inservice at the school I work for but
Before/After care meets for all day at the Community center. I only
have to work from 12-2. Which is great to me , so that I can get things
together here a little bit. Even though I don't have to get up on
these days early, I still wake up early.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - We went grocery shopping. I washed dishes, cleaned up and
got my lesson plans together. I even had a chance to watch a movie. It
was a productive day and I felt rested.

Sunday- We had church services. The children had a fun time making
flower turkeys and learning about God giving. My power steering
was low and I didn't know what the problem was so my mom
and dad followed us home. Daddy of course new the problem and
fixed it right away. Now I have to try to figure out how to afford
new power steering as there is probably a leak. Dad made breakfast
for dinner and I took a nap before leaving for F.R.O.G.S. (Youth activites
for children K-5th grade) The kids had a great time creating a
Mural of Noahs ark. Wish I had taken a photo. I'll have to try to
remember my camera on Sunday.

Health Care....
More on this in another post.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-
Spiders, Mice, columbus, and Thanksgiving
(Mostly educational play)

Superboy age 10- Is reading a goosebumps book. I am so
proud of how much he has been reading lately. He is also
reading a story about the constitution and working through
comprehension worksheets along with it. For history he is
about to start the History of Us books that Princess has been
working through. I'll have to try to show you some of his sketches
of late. They are becoming more advanced. However he has
been giving them away so not sure if he still has them. I loved
the viking he had drawn and a dragon.

Princess age 13- Princess is reading the outsiders at her request.
She also amazes me with her excitement to read. I used to have
to force her to do so. She is working through comprehension
along with this book. She is reading another book alongside it
but don't remember the title. History is going well for her we
have entered Vietnam.

I am wearing...
Black jeans and green shirt . I need a shower though
and change of clothes. This was what was on the floor and it
was dark. I didn't want to wake anyone.

I am hearing ...
Cartoons on TV. Dad making himself some Cocoa.

Favorite things.....
My new cup for work that heart got me and my fuzzy
socks from Brenda at work.

I am Thankful for...
Time with the kids today.

The joy in the hearts of the kids last night at Frogs.
I pray they continue to come to play and pray.

Time with my bible.

Mom and Dad for following me home yesterday
with my van acting up.

Fuzzy socks

I am praying for...

Our van and how we are going to afford power steering repairs.
Hopefully it can hold out for awhile. We also may have an oil leak.
Not quite sure on that one.

In need of dads medicine.

(Yesterday at church I walked into the room and my helper
said DO not be Afriad, God will provide. (this was the bible point for
the preschoolers) I had to laugh as this is what God has
been laying before me in my reading, in my studies and now again
he simplifies it for me. )

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Mom works from 12-2, Heart works from 5-10
Study Islandbench mark tests begin.
Tuesday- Mom works 6:10-8:15 and 3:00-6:00, Heart has off work.
Superboy will finish his language book and will move into a new
grammar and vocabulary book.
Wednesday- Mom and Heart work, Superboys Fluency day
Thursday- Mom and Heart work, My children have the day off
of school
Friday- Mom works, Heart has off, Co-op day
Saturday- Visiting a college open house with Heart
and Heart works
Sunday- Church services and youth group

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sick but not Out, Old by not to Grey

I missed all of you out there this week. I am catching up
today on blogs. Taking it easy. I have really run myself down
and that cold I was keeping at bay finally hit me. I had
to just keep pushing through going to work and taking care
of our home. Then a co-worker suggested I try Cold-eeze.
Cold-eeze is proven to reduce your cold by days. Now I don't
normally like to take anything when I am sick. I typically
can pass illness by while others catch everything. I have
been around a lot of sick children for many years, my immune
is fairly good. When I do get something it hangs around for weeks
and usually ends up turning into broncitis. I knew it was coming
and I hate knowing the symptoms. I was really down but
I tried these and in 2 days I was over it. I still sort of have a
cough if I go out in the cold but I really believe I got better faster
because of these cold-eeze. Anyway just wanted to recommend
them for anyone else having cold issues. They worked for me.

Yesterday, Nov. 5 was my 38th birthday. My co-worker Jess
showed up with a piece of cake and a card. She really
surprised me since she doesn't even work at the time she came.
My bossed called and wished me happy birthday and my other
co-worker Brenda bought me some things to stay warm this winter.
Our co-op group gave me a card with all their signatures. I love
how warm that group is feeling. Then my mom , dad and the
kids had a little party at moms house. Heart out did herself.
I love her for making me feel special that day and everyday.
Oh and not to forget mentioning facebook friends. You guys are

Hoping to get a few things done today and resting too.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Driving and Driving...

This week is almost over. Driving, and Driving and
Driving is where I feel like I spend a lot of my day. I
know its not true but for a person who likes to be home
it feels like that's all I am doing. Heart got a job working
at a new pizza resturant. She seems to like it but looks
really tired this week. Its all new I know. She works from
3 to 10pm which makes for a late night for me who gets up
about 4:30 every morning to start my day. I sometimes have
to take a power nap over lunch and usually miss eating anything.
Sometimes I eat while Superboy is reading his history to me.
I'm trying to keep myself healthy since everyone is
relying on me in some way shape or form.

School is going well even with all that is on my plate.
Superboy just seems to be finally finally picking things up
in his reading . Even his writing looks to me as if it is
improving. I was concerned for awhile that that wouldn't
happen. He seemed to be stalled at one level of ability.
It feels good to see him improving and is great for his
self esteem. Despite the fact that we have only been in
school about a month now, I feel like we never stopped.
We are all focused on what needs done and it is moving
along like a well oiled machine. I'd love to have time for
the small things ,fun things that are important too.
Usually those are the things we don't get to too often
anymore. Maybe twice a week.

My job has been going well too, except that this week
I checked my bank account and no pay. So I called in and
they recalled seeing my time sheet. I'm not sure what
happened to it. No harm done I was able to get a live check
today. Which is a good since some of my bills are due.

This weekend we have a lot to get done. We have
a funeral on Saturday (A great Aunt) and Halloween is Sunday.

Still need to create a signature.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Stellaluna is an adorable story of a little bat who becomes
separated from his mother and doesn't know what he is.
The little bat stays with a family of birds and tries to adapt to
his new life but finds it difficult because of his slight differences.
You will have to read the story with your child to find out if
Stellaluna finds out who he really is.

Spirit and I have been working hard on activities and I wanted
to slow things down for us. We went back to reading stories
and doing little activities with them. We created this
cut bat cup to go along with the story. (Sorry my photo
is so washed out) I bought black cups at the dollar store.
The glitter paper I found at our local craft store. I cut the
pieces for Spirit although he is getting quite proficient at
cutting but he is still rather slow. The bats smile is a
moon sticker that we had gotten from a foam sticker pack
also from the dollar store.

We also played some math games using

Mathwire's Bat Theme page. I even used this one in
after care during homework time.

For your older students I found a
Stellaluna Unit study and Lapbook

and Bird or Bat worksheet

Have a Batty Day,


Monday, October 25, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...
October 25, 2010
(Sorry, no graphic to beautify my blog today. My
favorite laptop crashed so I need to adjust to this one. )

Outside My Window....
The sky is grey. the weatherman is calling for rain till Wed.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Spent most of Saturday grocery shopping and
working on lessons plans as usual. This week was particular hard
because of the laptop going. Hopefully it will get repaired quickly
and my things wont be lost. Many of my favorites are gone too.
I am hoping they appear little by little as I go.

Sunday services and nursery. Woke up with a
stiff neck and shoulder. Spent the afternoon laying down
and resting it. It made me sick to my stomach as the day went.
(feeling much better today)

Health Care....
News News News....
I have new news about Dads job rehabilitation. He finally
had another meeting with them. They are to call in the next
few weeks to make his eye appointment. He was signed up
in what is called the foot in door program. The idea behind it
is that the state will pay half of his wages just to get him working
somewhere with his job restrictions. After that first year then
it becomes the employers responsibility. At least that is how
I understood it from daddy. However it takes at least 6 months
to be placed. His unemployment ends in 6 months so we can
only pray for a continuation or his foot in the door. Some news
is better than no news.

Sweet pea and Spirit have been sick lately. Both with
stuffy noses. Now I think today that Superboy is getting it too.
I honestly am surprised I haven't gotten it yet since I am so
worn down but somehow I am still going.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-
This week I have reorganized Spirits lessons. I feel as if I
have been pushing him a little to hard and want to step back
and remember what I believe will work. So I have begun doing
storys with a few activities per day with lost of playtime.

Superboy age 10- Finishing up last years work and
we are excited to move into this years things
+ Barton reading a spelling program.

Princess age 13- Pre Alg. Square roots and exponents
Working through our History of Us and is learning about
World War 1 .

I am wearing...
Black jeans and red workshirt.

I am creating...
playdough for the kids to play with. It's so sticky
though. Not sure what I did wrong. I might try another

I am hearing ...
Kids in the kitchen

Favorite things.....
Tacky glue great for Crafting

I am Thankful for...

All the wonderful fruits and vegtables we got a market this week.

Craft time

Smell of pumpkin playdough

Sleep I was able to get yesterday. I think I slept
enough for all the time I missed last week.

I am praying for...


Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Staff meeting , Heart starts her new Job Today!
Tuesday- Special reading sessions for Superboy
Wed. -DEAR (read a thon for Haiti)
Thursday- Superboys Touch math session
Friday- Session for Barton and book-it turned in for Oct.
Sunday- Sunday school, nursery and Halloween

(Missing my signature too. Ughh Computers)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Leaf ABC's

I created a fun fall game for Spirit to play to help
with his letter recognition. I cut leaf shapes from construction
paper and attached a paper clip to each. You then can
write the ABC's on each leaf, all capital letters for our game.
Spirit used a magnet on a string to catch the leaves. This
magnet was actually from a puzzle he has with fish on them.
I have used it for many magnet games.

After catching the leaf. Spirit finds the match on the fall tree map,
which I made from a file folder . I drew a tree and then add the
ABC's all around. Spirit lays a chip on each letter to complete his
fall tree. He had such an easy time of it that I think I'll create a tree
with lower case letters for him to match with his upper case leaves.

Spirit really enjoyed this activity and has asked for it
several times since.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Simple Women's daybook

Today is...
October 18, 2010

Outside My Window....
The sun is shining. The leaves are beginning to change color.
The air is crisp and cool. It is feeling like Autumn in PA.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Worked on lessons and Cleaned up the house some
This pretty much took the entire Saturday.

Sunday services and nursery.

Health Care....

Not much new. Sweet pea has had a fever.
Not sure if it is along with her stuffy nose or has
to do with the molars coming in.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-
Fall Activities, Bats and Spiders

Superboy age 10- Finished reading Pipi Long Stocking. Learning
about World war 1 and working on spelling skills in
Barton reading a spelling program. We have also added
our fluency checks again.

Princess age 13- Pre Alg. Square roots and exponents
Working through our History of Us and is also learning about
World War 1 at at different level.

I am wearing...
Black jeans and gray shirt

I am creating...
Halloween fun.

I am hearing ...
Babies squeaky bottle

Favorite things.....
Black paper cups from the dollar store. Actually I like all
of the colored items. They make for fun crafts.

I am Thankful for...

Time on the laptop today. PC time is far and
few these days and it's something I enjoy.

Fall colors

Craft fun with the kids.

I am praying for...

Two of my dearest friends who both have had shortness
of breath .

Healing for both friends above + one and Daddy.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Read a thon information
Tuesday- Special reading Tuesday- Extra practice in Vocab. (Superboy)
Thursday- Superboys Touch math session, special Barton Session
Friday- Co-op activities , Halloween party with family
Sunday- Sunday school, nursery and Youth group
Friday, October 15, 2010


I am so thoroughly exhausted. It has been such
a long week this week. I can feel that I am wearing
down and probably will have some sort of cold. I have
felt for days now that I was going to get something but
today I have an annoying cough and on occasion my nose
is stuffed up. If its coming I wish it would and get it over
with. My whole body aches... every muscle. I don't know
if I will be able to sleep or if I am over tired.

Work was a little difficult this week. The children were
picking at one another more than usual. It can
be emotionally tiring more than physical.

Here on the home front my children are doing great
with their homeschool. I have been wanting to create
a post for you of all the things we have modified and kept
the same. Our school is always changing. I am so happy
with all that Superboy is doing to improve
his writing and reading skills. He has really been working
"Super" hard. I am not happy about Princess reading time
but we will talk about that more in another post.

Sweet pea has been changing too and I really need
to upload some adorable photos of her. She runs
around at times and is climbing now on the furniture.

If you read earlier this week about our court hearing , well
It was postponed. I was so mad we waited and waited and
missed so many things . Then it turned out that is will
be postponed till December. Sigh.. I just want it done.
It has created so much stress for our family as it is. I just
don't understand. Once it's done I will tell you all about it.
We have had to make some very hard decisions.

Anyway... Daddy also has been frustrated. Mostly
with my schedule. I virtually have no down time. He
doesn't want that for me/us. He at times wants to throw
in the towel with his rehabilitation and just take a job.
I keep reminding him that physically he can not do what
he did before that is why I chose to work and school in
the first place in the way that I am doing things. Oh I
am not going to say it is easy especially after this week
but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

I no longer pray for something to change or for better. I pray for
the roof over our heads, the food in the refrigerator,
and the clothing on our backs. I am so grateful to God
just to have those for my babies. Do I think there is an
end in site? No honestly not for a long time. I have learned
a lot and respect many things I took for granted.

God is so awesome and wonderful.
Sharing some homeschool things soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook- Autumn

Today is...
October 11, 2010 (Columbus Day)

Outside My Window....
It's early in the morning not as early as I usually wake but
to early to tell what the weather will be. The sun is
still trying to peek out . It looks as if it's a crisp fall morning.
Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Worked on lessons, Cleaned up the house some,
took a nice hot long bath, and walked 2 miles with the kids.
I was so excited about this. If you remember back in May
I could only walk about 10-15 minutes. I am so proud of myself
that I can go two miles and seriously I probably could have walked
more than that but Spirit was ready to stop. In fact at mile 1 1/2
I stuffed him in the stroller with sweet pea which produced
much giggles.

Sunday services and nursery. I spend the rest of
the afternoon relaxing with the family and getting Clubs
ready for work on Tuesday. (Yep I have the day off)

Health Care....

I'd like to tell you that there is much to talk about
but there isn't. Daddy missed his appointment thinking
it was another day. His job rehabilition date was also moved
to the end of October because of all this court stuff going on.
We have one more week in wait. We need job rehab
to move forward and fast. It seems our unemployment
will end in April unless the president funds more money.
There are 4 tiers. We are in tier 2. Tier 3 and 4 are extended

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-We finally finished our map unit. It took longer
Than I expected. I think mostly because we took many days
off playing outside because of the warm weather. We will
continue to play and work as Spirits interest stays. This week
we will enjoy many fall activities.

Superboy age 10- Finished Reading Diary of a Whimpy kid and
has moved on to Pipi Long Stocking. He enjoys these silly
type books and as long as he is reading I don't mind, learning
about World war 1 and working on spelling skills in
Barton reading a spelling program. We have also added
our fluency checks again.

Princess age 13- Starting Pre alg. where we left off last year.
Finished Reading A wrinkle in time and is on to Shakespeare.
Working through our History of Us and is also learning about
World War 1 at at different level.

I am wearing...
Gray capris and pink shirt

I am creating...
Some blog posts. I miss my little blog.

I am hearing ...
Cartoons on TV and baby talking.

Favorite things.....
Vanilla spray. Love the smell.

I am Thankful for...

Snuggles with Sweet Pea early in the morning.

The long walk with the kids. It was nice to just
talk with them without school.

Story time with Spirit.

A little bit of computer time today.

I am praying for...

Two of my dearest friends who both have had shortness
of breath this week and one who has had a heart attack.

A friend I work with whose son is causing them some difficulty.

Shootings in Indiana.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Cleaning day
Tuesday- Library trip
Thursday- Superboys Touch math session
Friday- Co-op activities
Sunday- Sunday school, nursery and crop walk

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Court, Work and School

I really am here I promise.....

This week has been really busy. We are on call for our
court hearing with the person who took our money. It is
difficult to think of this person because they are a family
member. I am surprised by the entire system in that we
have to be available as witnesses for 2 weeks . We have
absolutely no idea when they will call. All of it is really
out of our hands despite what this family member may
think. The DA has all the say in it. We are required by law
to appear because of the gravity of the crime. All we
can do is sit back and pray for the individual and hope
beyond hope that this person gets some help or at least
attempts to make restitution.

It has been a rough few days for me. I thought I had
gotten used to the job and leaving the kids only to have
it bite at me again. I know that this is all Gods plan
because I felt so lead to take the job. Financial strains
still pull at us. We are by no means out of the woods. I realized
today that it is about 1 year now that Daddy has had his
heart condition. It feels still new to me. We are all
adjusting. Some days I think I just want our lives back
yet I know they will never be that way again. I took
so many things for granted. I will never do that again.
I am always aware of my children and enjoy every smile.
I thought I had done that before but not as real as it is now.

Our school is still getting done despite all that is going
on. I impliemented a few new things. We aren't doing
much of our fun craftly stuff but our basics are done and
that is what matters. I think the kids do miss it some.
I really am missing playing games with them and just
chatting without the school demands. Most days I only
see them during the demanding time of day and at night
when we are hustling to get 5 baths in. I feel all I am at
the moment is children. Children at work, My sweet babies,
children of friends, Children at church, children at co-op
and children in our new FROGS group. It is soooo much
planning but somehow I am still hanging in.

Not much time for chatting. I better get going and
create our clubs for tomorrows after and before care.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inspecting Rains

Well, it's over our state inspection at work is done.
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I was more
nervous then I thought . I have done many inspections but
it has been several years since I have done them. It went
quickly. Not everything was planned but I think I compensated
well enough. (Hopefully) I haven't heard from our director
yet if there were any problems.

Today it is raining, raining, Raining. In fact local schools are
talking about closing due to flood waters. Typically when it
floods we are trapped pretty much any direction from low
lying streams and creeks. Hopefully that doesn't happen but
if it does I get to stay home with my family. Hmm maybe
I do want it to happen.

Thoughts of spelling are still rolling around in my head. I
really need to get Superboys spelling levels up. We have
been working really hard on ways to improve. I have
created a word wall for him in the hopes that if he visually
sees it he will learn to spell those particular words. I have
some other ideas and will present them to you when I have
them complete. Something has to give with his spelling and
reading. It is time for him to get going now. He is supposed
to be in the 5th grade but I have kept him back in 4th.
His spelling is far worse than some of the other things.
Now is the time for a plan of attack. Leave any spelling
ideas, please. I know many homeschoolers will say that
he will learn it eventually when he is ready. Typically
I would have agreed but you have not met my Superboy.
He just is not a motivated child....unless you ask him to
create something with his hands. Hmm maybe some word
art. See my mind is always spinning like that.

Off to organize or plan someones life.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comical History

I hope you can see the photo above. This is a template ,
one of many I have created for my son Superboy to
help him remember facts in history. He loves comics
reading , drawing and writing them. The one above
is the flight around the world of Charles L.
The first window shows him in flight in New york City,
then flying over the ocean, and ending in Paris. We
have been putting this together to form a sort of history
comic book to remind him of events. It is fun for him
and has been away to get a none writer writing more.
I hope to share a few more pages soon and load my
templates to file share.

Today is state inspection at work so gotta run.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Missing Diploma

Really it's really missing. I needed my old diploma
for on record for my job. I always always keep it in a storage
box with some other memory things under my bed. I always
worry about those things getting ruined. I remember showing
it to the little ones over the summer. The kids love to dig
in our box of memories. Well somehow it is missing from
the box and if you know me you know I am over super organzied.

I have to also tell you I really enjoy my boss. She is a fabulous
lady so much fun. So I emailed her and told her I 'd have to
call my high school to get it unless she wanted the video.
That got a laugh from her. Luckily the school was amazing
and are getting my high school transcript ready by 11 today.
Which, is great since I need that paper apprently for state
inspections Wed. Today we are doing our corn startch
and water experiment again . I have to stop and get more
starch as Daddy cooked with it last night. We had
a fun supper of eggs, gravey, sausage and potatoes.
I love breakfast for dinner.

Still brain storming many things. In fact now in my mind
is a flyers club for after school care. I am thinking butterflies,
birds, airplaines, parchutes, hot air balloons. I might have
to do these things with my son for an added bonus. Hmm
I just had another thought. He could create these things and
then write about it. More writing and spelling practices.
My mind keeps going. I hope to post for you all the ideas
for clubs. Especially the science since I created Science tubs.
I am sure I can use this in my workboxes.

Well, off to work. Have a great day.

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