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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Crafting fun

Snow and I are usually not friends.. I do not like being cold.
I don't like shoveling it and I definately don't like driving in it.
Yesterday the Lord dropped probably 2 foot of snow on us. I find
myself surprised that I am enjoying the sight of it all . The
children are enjoying playing in it. Inspired by the snow we
created some fun crafting ...

This first photo is of our snow sock. Turn you sock inside out
so that the fuzzy side is out. It gives him some texture.
Fill him with beans to your desired plumpness. Fold a pipe
cleaner in half and stick it inside of the beans. Right down the
middle to the bottom. Put a rubber band around its middle The
top of the pipe cleaner will stick out. You want it to. Then use
fiber fill batting to stuff the head. Becareful to stuff gently around
the pipecleaner so that it stays standing up. Then wrap a
rubberband to the top. The pipe cleaner inside gives you the

ablity to move his head and position it to your liking.

Roll Down the top of the Sock for a Hat.

Then have the children add what they like to him. Use
buttons, pipecleaners, sequins and pom poms. Be as creative
as you like. You can even add material for a scarf.
(The nose is a pipecleaner rolled to create a carrot shape)

Now you probably have no idea what this one isa

about. No. I am not showing you my clean rolled socks.
These socks have balloons inside and are tied shut.
They are fun for indoor snowballs.
(Hint dont blow the balloons up to full. They can be hard
to put around the sock)

Last we added glitter and sequins to these foam
snowflakes. I wish I could tell you where we got them
but they came from my sister inlaw.

If you have it Enjoy your snow and if you don't
make some inside. (its warmer)


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