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Monday, December 28, 2009

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is.... Dec 28, 2009

Outside My Window....
The daylight is beginning to peek in. Sweet pea is sitting in her
rocker slowly being lolled to sleep. The house is quiet. The mess
is all askew from the holidays. Today will be a long and ardorus
work day. Putting things back in order. We may even get to taking

the tree down. For us when the holiday is over we are ready to get
things back into place. ( Well, I am ready)

I am Thinking.....
about the days to do list. I am ready to work and get organized.
The new year coming into focus does that to a person. You are
ready to try again. Begin again. I certainly need a feeling of new
beginning as 2009 was a struggle for our family. A struggle but
with joy sprinkled in there as well. I know our future will be difficult.
Many families in our area fight for jobs, food, and health care.

Health Care.... (new heading)
I didn't realize before how complicated the health system can be for those
really truly needing it. It is such a shame that so many fight. As
we fight our own battle with health and health care I find more and
more families with similar stories. Just Saturday I went to pick up
a prescription for my daughter. One we have gotten before completely
covered by our insurance. Suddenly they need a referral for the meds.
without them they are $80. She has been taking this same med since
March. Why the sudden referral. Makes no sense to me. Sunday
she needed them. She still does not have them. We await the referral.
So besides putting the house back in order I will also be making
a few phone calls to straighten that out. Even odder still was
Daddys meds were actually cheaper this time. You just
don't know what you will come across when you visit the
pharmacy. Another surprise to us is that diabetes test strips
are not covered on our insurance. These are not a cheap item.
I contacted the American Diabetes association for some assistance.
They gave me a list of websites and phone numbers. This is how it
goes with health care. First from the hospital you get a list of numbers
and websites to visit to help you find the cheaper meds. As you
contact those you are given more. You basically have to do
your own research and become your own doctor and advocate. We
are only at the beginning of this process. As I dig deeper and I find
more and more issues. The sad part is these are meds that
he needs to live. Without them he will not live long. It is so wrong
for a person to have to choose groceries or medicine that keeps him
or her alive.

Diet...(New heading)
As you may have noticed I have
added two new headings. One Health Care so that I can update
you on Daddys care (all of us really) and the other is this one
Diet since we are all working towards healthier eating habits.
Daddy is on a strict diet and it makes it difficult if we are eating something he
can not have. Before the Christmas holiday just by making a few changes in our
diet I dropped 40lbs. ! My goal for the holiday was to stay that weight .
Now that the Christmas season is about over I am gearing up to begin again.
I'll tell you the changes we made so far.. Drinking more water. Soda is out of dads
diet because of the diabetes. If we have it here he wants to drink it.
Same goes for anything Caffeine. Caffeine is difficult for the heart to process.
Honestly I wish I had known all of this before. We also stopped buying whole milk
and moved to 2%. We fill a large part of our plates with veggies and we
changed the kind of butter we use. (No salt no cholesterol.) More costly
then regular butter but worth you health. Little by little we are making

From the learning rooms...
We are in holiday mode. The children have been crafting.
We are doing a few Science experiments and reading time.
Very relaxed time. No formal schedule till next week.
Just a few things here and there. To keep their minds working.
Spirit is playing , playing and more playing.

From our kitchen...
Honestly this is an unprepared week. We will definatly
be having ham bean soup since we made a big ham for everyone
that came on Christmas. (Daddy could not eat it to much salt for
his body to process) So as you can imagaine I want to get it out of the
house a soon as possible. Bonus is that he doesn't like that type of soup.
This is a treat for Heart and I . It is one of our favorite meals. The
others will eat something else. Probably some of moms chicken shells
soup. The rest of the menu is hazy. The cabinets and freezers are full
but I just haven't gotten to making a plan. Probably a grab as you go week.
Possible having seafood on new years if Toad decides to come by. He was
already asking at Christmas what we are making.

I am wearing...
Black dress pants, long sleep blue shirt and my
favorite worn out fuzzy blue slippers.

I am creating...
Nothing.. Enjoying Family. Will be creating some lesson
plans later this week.

I am hearing....
Daddy talking.

Favorite things.....
How about a little list of my favoite Christmas gifts from family
and friends. Angel pin from an Aunt, Scrapbook kit , gift
card to shop with and a video camera from mom. Gift card
to shop at the same store mom gave me from my friend
Jan. So excited about that one, new clothes! A new sketchbook
from Princess and some decorations for the house from superboy.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Thursday- New years party. Girls to a friends
and a small one here for the rest of the family
Sunday- Church, Unhanging of the greens

A Picture I'd like to share...
Spirit's cookies


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