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Friday, December 4, 2009

Rock Hound

Princess created this Rock cycle poster to go along with her
study of how rocks are formed. Then she used her Rock kit
and tried to figure out what kind of rock it was . First by looking
and then by checking on the Internet. Several were minerals and
didn't fit into either category.

Her results :
Igneous Rock seems to be conglomerates of smaller parts
They are crystalline, glassy or pitted in texture.
Formed by magma being cooled then hardened.

Sedimentary rocks- Seem to also be conglomerates of smaller parts.
Some are crystalline. Look like smaller bits cemented together.
Formed by weathering and erosion.

Metamorphic Rock- some are crystalline as well except
for pumice and obsidian which are distinct from the others.
Changes and is formed by heat and pressure.

It was really difficult in some ways to tell any different from
the others till we researched more and investigated. It was
interesting in some cases to see how similar they were even
when they were formed under different conditions.


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