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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prepositional Phrases and Candy Canes

Superboy, Spirit, Princess and I created these 10 candy
canes. They worked great for Spirit to count out 10. He also
enjoyed playing hide the candy cane. Our main purpose
in creating them was for a little holiday fun but also to teach
Princess Prepositional Phrases.

First we practiced over and over again the Jingle Bells
Preposition song sung to the tune of Jungle bells.

Aboard, about, above, across,
after, against, along,
among, around , as, at, before,
behind, below, beneath,
beside, between, beyond, by ,down,
during, except, for,
from. in, into, inside, like, like
near, of, off, out , over, (said o'er)

Then using the candy canes I created a scavenger hunt
with the prepositions. Princess had to read the index
card. Find the preposition and circle it. Then use
the directions to find the candy cane.

Here was are hunting cards. Prepositions in bold

1. Sweet Pea loves to go bye byes. She need to stay
safe so look inside...(in car seat)
2. Angels up, Angels down ( on our angel Tree)
3.What do snow and fish have in common? Look between..
(between our fish tank and snowman)
4.Look out daddy's window . Then look Below.
(on the window sill)
5.Choo Choo All Aboard! (on train under tree)
6. Guinea pig squeaks take a look above her head.
(on top of cage)
7. Ladybug, Ladybug hiding behind
(behind Superboys ladybug box)
8. Sit on the sofa step across the rug. Turn and look
beyond to the kitchen. Head around the table
and into the cup cabinet.
(Inside Princess Christmas mug)
9. Look around babies food.
10. We need soap to wash our dishes
there is a surprise beside.

By the way Princess really dislikes Grammar but as you
can see she is all smiles.


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