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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Molly's Money saving digest - January

January is the time of year when you can begin again and when
you have the opportunity to start things anew. Some things
aren’t so easy to change. Such as the health issues that have hit our family,
financial strains and this year we have added to our family
with a brand new baby girl. With seven children and 5 of those seven
still at home we are always looking for ways to organize ourselves
and at a reasonable cost to us. Anything that we can learn that
would create less chaos for us the better we are,
since we do have that brand new baby, a daddy with major health
issues and never mind the day to day tasks. Then along came
January’s issue of Molly’s money saving digest ( don't you just love
the new color of the cover) filled with ideas to organize.
(A great idea on keeping socks organized for a large family that
you’ll have to peek at.)

This is also a great time of year to reorganize our
family management binders. As a new feature in January Molly
will send you new forms to add to your binder every issue
through out the year. January's digest has a Monthly bills at a glance
form, monthly budget, printable calendar, daily to do list and
a family clothing inventory sheet. I printed out the budget and
family clothing inventory. What a great idea. Thank you Molly.
If you don’t have a management binder now is the time to start
putting it together, there are forms coming each new digest to complete
your binders.

Another wonderful new feature will save you time planning since
Molly plans a week’s menu for you. Right there at my figure tips a menu
for the on the go days along with the grocery list for shopping.

You will also find a list of items on sale this month, special fun days,
from the mailbox and another new feature, kid’s corner.
I saved the best for last to tell you about. Begin from the basics
teaches you how to make pie dough from scratch.
I was so excited to see this. I believe my daughters will be able to follow
it from the photos and examples. From the recipe it surely will make
a lot of pie crusts which is what we need for this growing family.
Thank-you, Molly for all of you wonderful ideas and money saving tips.

If you would like to purchase Molly's digest for January you can
Get your January Digest NOW!

You also might want to stop by Molly's blog in January as she will be
posting 31 days of organization. Taking it one step at a time and
using Gods word along with each priority, order and discipline. You
can find her a . Sign up for her newsletter
to be able to receive these organizational tips by email or you can
follower her on twitter or Facebook.

Have fun organizing. I know we will..


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