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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! From our family to yours.

I love this photo because it is so natural. They aren't
in matching clothing or look like a family in an ad. We are
the American family. This photo actually has a story behind
it. That particular day I had 2 hours to see Santa and eat
dinner before a party I was hosting. Spirit went excitedly to
the mall for the visit and just as it was our turn to see Santa...
Santa went on a break and we would have to wait 45 more
minutes. Since I really didn't have that kind of time we decided
to go eat at the hot dog shoppe. Then I had the thought of the
Santa on the square. This Santa is in a little wooden shed in
the square of a town right near where I was hosting the party.
We lined up and all piled into the shed that was made to look
like a log cabin. The quarters were a tad squishy.. I wish I
could have taken more photos but I felt really bad for the
families standing outside in the freezing cold waiting their
turn. If you look close Sweet pea is holding Santas beard and
Hearts hand. Immediately after the photo she cried and cried.
I knew it was coming. Princess wanted more behind santa
but there was a Christmas tree in her said spot. Spirit wore his
own santa hat. You can see he is also sporting a bag of chips.
Our area is known for all the chip factories so its only
fitting Santa give candy canes and chips as a gift. Superboy
well he is himself as always. Everyone isn't sitting in a row
or in matching clothing but again it shows us.... Maybe
next year we will match . :)

Our Christmas was lovely. Spirit woke us at a nice hour
of 7 am. Everyone was excited. Toad came to visit with
his family and we got to see Bird too. We didnt get to visit
with Tom girl or her partner and baby but I know they will
be by soon. It was a nice Christmas .... until Sweet pea
at lunch time began to run a fever. I have a feeling its
teething time but can't quite tell. Her temperature is low
and there are no other symptoms. There we also little reminders
that Daddy isn't well. Like the fact that he couldn't
eat many of the foods he baked for us and at one point
his hand clenched and he couldn't move it for a moment.
(that is a new one) It makes me sick with worry. I try not
to but wonder and wonder what the future holds .
Time could go slower for me or even backwards to where
he wasn't sick at all. Alas I know this is unrealistic and must
trust God. As 2010 approaches I can't help but wonder
what this new year will bring. I refuse to look ahead to far
taking in each day and enjoying it one by one.

Enjoy your family. Enjoy each moment. Time
goes so quickly and we just never know what will happen


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