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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back at 2009

This year has been hard. Maybe harder than any we have faced.
My growing faith in God began to grow ,waiver, grow. I realize looking back
that this may be a test. The more you learn the more you desire God
the more the enemy tries to interfere. Interfere he has.. Joys and
turmoil intermixed. Praying and waiting.. Praying and waiting. Trusting
in God. There have been gifts given , Strength to keep going, Joys and
Praise, Tears and heartache. Through it all God is my Rock, my thoughts
are the weakness or interference. Do not listen. I am worthy.

Joys, Concerns and Answered Prayer....

Concern- Superboys Reading level has been really low. His handwriting is
horrible. We feared he had dysgraphia and would need physical therapy.
Prayer was lifted for his upcoming testing over the summer months.
How would we handle this new situation. Princess already takes much
of my time with her dyslexia, ADHD And Anxiety disorder. What now.
Joy... Prayer answered Testing goes well. Superboy hit genius mark.
Apparently he is bored with learning to read and doesn't see it's
importance yet.. New Concern- How do I get him to see importance?
How do I handle a child that hits genius levels. His creativity is astounding
I should have known.

Joy .. in December 2008 I realize I am expecting a new baby.
Many concerns race through my head but JOY oh the JOY!! Pregnancy
at the age of 36 proves to be much harder than previous children.
I am sick most of my days and summer wiz's by without doing any of
the fun thing's I intended to do with my children. 2009 seems to
be a bust since I am sick most of the time. This becomes
a small price to pay..... Praise the Lord
my little one is Born on Aug. 19th. Happy and healthy. Despite the
difficult pregnancy She is a complete JOY.

Concern.. Our Mini van keeps breaking down. It was down more
this year than ever. I think it was parked more than it ran. Joy.. works
Concern.. Don't work... Joy .. works... Concern... Don't work...
Now with impending financial and physical strains this van will
probably have to last another year. Pray hard.. Pray hard. It's
working at the moment.

Concern..A month after our sweet little one was born Daddy ended up in
the ER with swelling of the hands and feet. We are shocked by the news
that he has congestive heart failure. What does this mean for our family?
Prayers are said in the ER and Prayers answered as Daddy was able to
come home a week later. Life altering changes but he is here. More
concerns to come more prayers to be said. We have a long road ahead.

Concern... with all the new changes comes big changes with daddy's
Medicine. We had many before with his diabetes but now now so
many more. The expense is a huge stab at our budget. This is a large
monthly chunk. Prayers are beginning to be answered slowly... Many
of the meds turned out to be on the Walmart $4. list. Then turned
around and changed to not on the list but some still are which is a
blessing. American Diabetes association helps us locate reasonable
testing strips. Searching is exhausting.

Concern.. Financial strains pile on our family. Unemployment refuses
to help and Daddy is banned from work because of his restrictions.
Answer to prayer.. unemployment finally agrees to pay. Concern
our financial strains are staggering but we hang in. Even though
work restrictions are lifted except for a 50lb weight limit ,work
still will not allow him back to work. Awaiting news at his next
Jan. appointment. Pray hard again.

Joy we manage to find a Mobil dentist so the children can have
their teeth cleaned. An expense that is huge for our family. Concern
Superboy needs major work done. He fears the dentist and again
the expense of it is ridiculous. What a racket. Prayers answered
Superboy sits through the growling process and Praise the Lord our
church helps us with the financial strain. 2 more visits and the work
will be complete. Continued prayer needed for upcoming appointments,
Financial, and for Superboy to have the strength to make it through.
I know he can.

Joy our first grand baby is born. He is the sweetest lil guy.

Joy step son is to be married this spring. Which will include
a new grandchild. (Bird)

Concern.. Christmas is hard to bear. Joy 5 minutes for moms
helps us out and family joins in too. Christmas appears on our door steps.
Thank you all who helped . Prayer answered.

Concern.. Daddy's hands at Christmas cramp up that he can't move
them. He has to massage the muscles to loosen them up. We
are concerned of a new blockage. Joy the Dr. says it is lack of
Potassium. Not a blockage. Praying he knows what he is talking about.

Joy.. Heart will Graduate in 2010. She is an A student.
Concern.. She is not sure what she wants to do. JOY may do college
at home still praying on that one.

Concern... Is home education getting the attention it needs.
Joy ... Thankfully I really believe it is. I see much improvement
in the children and will continue on this path.

As you can see it was a huge year. Many concerns . Many many more
that come up everyday and some really big amazing JOYs too.
We are concerned for our future and what
it will hold. How we will financially keep going. I may have to go
to work. Daddy may train for a less physical job. We do not
know yet. We await answers. I am considering learning webdesign.
The thought keeps coming to my head. Maybe it's God. I'll
continue to pray and research if we can afford to do that.
Maybe I can do that from home. I'd also one day like to open my
own homeschool curriculum store online. Maybe more of a game idea site
with homemade games. More thoughts. We are also ending this year with
a bang. The children have headaches. Daddy is sick and vomiting.
My nose is stuffed up. We all seem to be sick in someway. Except
For Spirit who is his bouncy self. Maybe a little stuffy too. Then
my dad comes last night with his leg all swelled and his toes turning
black. He had fallen at work a few days before Christmas. I think
his leg might be infected. He is heading to the Dr. today I hope.

Praying for hope. For a healthier year. For unanswered prayer
to come to light. For peace.

Have a Happy New Year.
See you in 2010.


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