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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homeschool Christmas party

Sharing a few photos from our homeschool groups
Christmas party. The boys had a good time playing
with friends.

I am not sure why but for some reason superboys friends
are always younger than him. I think it might be because
he wants to help everyone. Boys his own age wouldn't
need much help that he could give. :)

Princess did not attend the event . She just hasn't found anyone
that she connects with. I had hoped she would but it just
wasn't there for her. Heart isn't homeschooled but she had
a half day of school and came along to help with Sweet pea.

I had to zoom in just on sweet pea with this one. Look
at those big blue eyes.


  1. The boys really did have a great time at the party. I'm glad you could make it. Maybe your daughter will make it to the next function.


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