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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Count down to Christmas

Count Down to Christmas..
I have wanted to do this every year. I saw other bloggers
doing this idea and finally finally we are going to do
this fun activity too.

Starting on the 25th day before Christmas. (Dec. 1) We will
unwrap a christmas story and read it . We will read one every
day until Christmas. I wish wish I could tell you all the
great stories we are going to read but I accidently deleted
the list. :) I didn't quite have 25 stories so I enlisted my
parents and they had several old golden books. I also
added a few about snow or winter. I have a feeling this collection
will be valued and something we do every year. Maybe even
finding some new ones to share next year.

Superboys Sunday school teacher made things really
easy for me this year in finding devotionals and bible verses
to go along with each day. She cut out these verses to make
a paper chain adding to it each day and also sent home a devotional
to go with it. I had been looking and looking . Thank you Miss Jan for
saving me the extra work.

Trying to keep Jesus the reason for the Season!!!


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