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Saturday, November 14, 2009

What are Mornings Made of....

The morning comes faster than I realize. Thursday morning
I lay awake in my bed to the sounds of the house. The children
were beginning to wake , which is unusual for me to be still
in bed. Sweet pea had been unusually fussy that night. At that
point I had her laying next to me on the bed watching her sleep.
I could hear Spirit and Daddy whispering as they made breakfast.
It wasn't long before Spirit was peeking in the room to see if
I was awake. Sweet pea stirred and awoke with a big smile
on her face. Spirit laided and talked to her as she cooed. I
thought it was going to be a stress free day but I was wrong...

Sweet pea felt unusually hot and began to fuss.
I brought her downstairs and put her in warmer clothing.
Thinking at first that she was just to warm. Something
that occurs with her on occasion. After awhile she still wasn't
cooler so I took her temperature. She was running a fever of
101.7. I called the Dr. immediately. A baby this young with that
type of temperature can be scary. She had no other symptoms
so I thought it might be an ear ache. (other than fussiness)
The Dr. office told us to come in right away.
I went all disheveled , hair barely combed with
my wee one. Daddy stayed home with the others. At the
office her temperature was now 102.2. The good news is
that she checked out fine. No ear infection. No respiratory
infection. The Dr. diagnosed it as a viral. If she had been
a few weeks younger she would have been in the ER. Sweet pea
has hardly been out in public at all. She goes to my moms
on Sunday mornings while we attend church services. She
on rare occasions goes to the grocery store with us. I have
no idea how she contracted this infection. We were being
so careful with the flu season upon us. The swine flu was
sweeping through our church so she was not attending.
The Dr. told us she may have fever up till Sunday.

The good news is that she seems to be doing well. Today
is Saturday morning. It was tough at first. Sweet pea
wanted mommy all the time, which was expected. I planned
to only attend to her for a few days. She recovered fairly
quickly. She had a mild fever yesterday and none through the
night. I am so happy she is feeling better. I don't like it when
my children don't feel well. I would rather it be me.

We are headed out this morning to a wrapping party
for our youth white elephant table at our church. Daddy has
been up since 4 making egg casseroles for the event. I have
several posts I want to get to you this week that I could not get
to last week. So keep your eyes peeled for a Fall lapbook
created by Spirit age 3. Civil war history pockets Created by
Princess. Plus a review from a Journey through learning. :)


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