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Friday, November 27, 2009


My mom got a Snugli free with the purchase of her order.
A big red blanket with arms so your hands are free. The
back of the snugli is open. In case you haven't seen these
on TV. Superboy loved this so mom went and got him
one in army color. He wears this thing all of the time.
He thinks it's funny that the back is open. I told him that
most of the time you are sitting against something so you
don't need the back closed. During school he was sitting
straight up to the back of his chair.. He says...

"In case you were wondering I have to sit like this
cause I have on my snugli."

Hmm that is one of those things you didn't think you'd hear
during a school day. :)

*Out shopping today...looking for bargins!


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