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Monday, November 9, 2009

Simple Women's Daybook

FOR TODAY (Nov. 9 , 2009)

Outside My Window....
It is still dark so I'm not sure what it is doing today.
I woke this morning at 4 am and can't go back to sleep.
Stress I think. There are other indicators of that. I am
trying to relax but it's not always working.
It is probably 95% mental. How do you change your
mind and make it stop worrying.

I am Thinking.....
I don't think I can pin point a thought. My mind is always
racing. Especially this week. When is unemployment
coming in? I need to get wrapping paper for wrapping party.
I better think up those crafts for Hanging of the greens at
church. I wonder if baby is awake yet. What should I make
for breakfast. I have to get food items for casserole on Saturday.
What things do I need to prepare or grade for school. I think
I'll take one thing at a time and start with is baby awake yet.

From the learning rooms...

Math -Multiplication skills
Literature- Reading Magazine articles about animals
Looking for a novel to read.
History- American history the Wild west
Science- Creation Science

Math- Multiplication skills
Literature- Reading short passages and
answering questions pertaining to story.
History- Beginning of government
Science -Animal behaviors

Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving.
The letter I for Indian and H for harvest.

From our kitchen...

Monday- Roasted Chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes
and Corn
Tuesday- Pork Chops, Broccoli and rice
Wednesday- Chicken corn soup
Thursday- Fish sandwiches and fries
Friday- Hamburger steaks, baked potatoes and peas
Saturday- Chicken wraps and fruit
Sunday- Leftovers

I am wearing...
Jeans and pick.. Oh .. I must be in a rut.
I am wearing the same thing I was wearing last Monday!

I am creating...
Thanksgiving Crafts

I am hearing....
Silence.. I think I hear someone in the shower
so the house will soon be full of noise.

Favorite things...

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Thursday- Cub scouts and food drive
Saturday- J-train (youth) Breakfast wrapping
party for Christmas bazaar.
Picking up popcorn fundraiser for scouts too.
Sunday-Path (HS youth) Addictions seminar

Picture I'd like to share......


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