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Monday, November 2, 2009

Simple Women's Daybook

FOR TODAY (Nov. 2 , 2009)

Outside My Window....
It is a sunny , cool, crisp day. I went for a walk earlier
and the fall smells were wonderful. Right outside of our
window they are replacing a telephone pole. It has been entertainment
for Daddy and Spirit all afternoon.

I am Thinking....
How blessed I am to have such lovely children. Last night I woke
at 4 am hearing the baby beginning to fuss, when I realized I had
another visitor snuggled against me. Spirit had snuck in sometime
and was sleeping soundly. He normally doesn't do this so I allowed
him the simple indulgance. I fed Sweet pea and layed her on my bed.
For some reason she will fall asleep after feeding when I do this
and I can then transfer her to her bed. If I even think of trying to
lay her right in her bed she protests. So there I sit looking over them
as they both lay snuggly sleeping away. You can't help but feel so
much love when you look over those sleeping angels..... never mind
there is no more room for me or that I lost a little sleep it was a
moment worthy of the loss.

From the learning rooms...

In math Princess and Superboy are both working on
learning how to work word problems and different
solving strategies. Both children are also learning
about verbs, helping verbs, being verbs and action verbs.
Both children are also reading short stories and working on
comprehension skills. Superboy is working on his writing skills
as well. With a harvest themed draw and write book.

History- Learning about after the Civil war and the
Science- Beginning of Creation Science

History- Inventors
Science- Animals and their behavior

Learning about the letter F and P
He is working on a Fall lapbook. Learning about his
colors with leaves. Counting using candy corn and size
using a pumpkin.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Cube steaks, baked potatoes and broccoli
Tuesday- Baked chicken, corn and mashed potatoes
Wednesday- roast beef , potatoes and carrots
Thursday -Chicken corn soup form left over chicken on Tuesday
Friday to be determinded after grocery
shopping. :)

I am wearing...
Jeans, and pink shirt

I am creating...
A peaceful home.

I am hearing....
Baby hiccuping. It won't belong before she is crying. :(

Favorite things...
The Home makeover show. :)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Tuesday- W appointment and Dr. appointment
for daddy
Dental appointment for Superboy
Sunday- church services and path

Nov. 5... My birthday :)
Picture I'd like to share......


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