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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On and on it Goes

Well, if you are following along I am sure you are wondering how things
are going for us of late. The good news is that the van is still working
just fine so our mechanic must have hit the nail on the head so to speak
with that one. Some days are really stressful for me but not because
of busyness. Most of the time its the thoughts in my own head
that stress me out the most. Other days when I wake in a calm frame
of mind, then I stay in that frame most of the day. I have to just
tell my nagging side to keep quiet and mind its own business. For some
reason I allow that nagging, worry side to win out most of the time. I
want to trust God and not allow those type of lies to sift in. Yet when
I blink they are there needling me. Telling me I am not doing enough.
Questioning ... doing the what if scenarios. My mind tires me out more than
my busy hands. So I have to remember to shut it off and get set
about caring for the house or whatever task is at hand. Anyway the
good news is that the van is working and that good days come.

Now for the bad news... Unemployment is still not coming in for
us. We are still living off of my part time job. Gradually this is going
to get worse and worse. With Christmas on the way.. well we will
hope for the best. (pray for what God sees for us) Our status at the
moment is still under investigation. You have to be available for work
to receive unemployment. Daddy is not available with his health
restrictions. There is nothing at work at the moment that can help us
and our Dr. keeps telling us partial disability is hard to get so nothing
moves in any direction. We just sit and wait some more. There is
light at the end of the tunnel . (hopefully) Last week Daddy had
a doctor visit. At that time he did not release him of his restrictions.
The Dr. gave him a stress test. Where he had to walk on a tread mill
for so many minutes. He was not allowed to lean on anything but to
stand upright and walk. Daddy was unable to do this for the period
of time the Dr. allotted. He had to grab the side rails
to support his self as he lost his breath and struggled to get it
back. He sent daddy away with strict orders to
walk 30 Min. per day daily at his pace or work up to the 30 minutes
If he does this and can then pass the stress test at his next visit then
He would remove the restrictions and he could go back to work.
The appointment is in the middle of December which could be a great
Christmas gift for us. I know that already he seems to me as
if he is doing better. He doesn't sleep as much or need to rest
as often as he did at first. In fact yesterday he went outside
and helped his nephew with his car for a little while. . He has
also gone on a few baking sprees and been up for quite awhile
baking in the kitchen. . His favorite hobby.

No one knows what the future holds and me least of all.
Speaking of future amongst all of this Heart and I have been
searching online for the colleges that she might like to go to.
She thinks she'd like to be a photography major but she is still
debating that. There are 3 art schools not to far from our home.
One an hour away another about an hour and a half and the
other probably 2 hours away. She would like to stay close to home
but unfortunately the 2 hour away college really looks the best.
(as if 2 hours is far but apparently it is to her. :) Superboy already
tells me he is going to the art school nearby to learn graphic design.
This doesn't surprise me as he is artistic as well. Sort of runs in
the family that and cooking. Princess is great at art too but she
doesn't think she is. She did a pop art portrait the other day that
was awesome but she said it was bad. A lack of confidence we
will have to work on. I personally love art and organizing things.
Daddy loves to cook and work with his hands too (cars and wood) and we
obviously both love children. Its no surprise then that one
wants to work with disabled children, One wants to own a
restaurant, One whats to be a photographer, another wants
to be a secretary ( organizing) , one a graphic artist,
and Spirit seems to be tuned into the hands on type work.
Course he is only 3. Time well tell but I do find it interesting that
that took something from each of us. Who knows what
sweet pea will like and of course time changes all things so
their likes may change over time too. I know its not set.
Probably their interests lie there because to us it is of value.
Makes you think a little about things that I do value
and what the children view as a value. Well now I am
getting ramble so I will end and chat with you
all later. I hear daddy trying to burp baby which he
always has trouble with so I better go and check on things.


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