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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family Growth..

It is time again to update you on our family. It certainly is growing.
At our Thanksgiving meal my mom asked everyone to say something
they were thankful for. I drew a complete blank. I suppose because
there is so much to be thankful for I didn't know where to start...

.... I'll start with the oldest child, Tom Girl. Tom Girl had
her baby on Nov. 19. (on her birthday) We are now grandparents
to an adorable little guy who weighed 6 lbs. 7.4oz and was 20 1/2 in. long.
Unfortunately we have been unable to see the little guy in person
since we have all been sporting viral infections, but I have seen
photos and hope to see him and hold him in person soon. (You know
there will be pictures..) I can tell you I am very anxious to see him.

Toad is back from his training with the National guard. He is hanging
out with us for the holidays. Then he will be headed to Pittsburgh to
a culinary school that he was just recently accepted to. He will be
going there this week to solidify arrangements. Him and his girl will
be married in May. She has a little guy too who is already a part of
our family. After Toads schooling he will be serving 4 years in the
Military. He was told 2 years in Germany and 2 deployed. So we aren't
sure where deployed to is but I can guess. (little nervous about that)

Heart is almost over halfway through high school. She cannot decide
what in the world she is doing. She isn't sure which college to go to,
if she wants to go to college or if she wants to wait a year.
I keep telling her she is running out of time with scholarships and the
like. She really needs to make up her mind. We discussed this all
last year too so this isn't a new thought for her but she just keeps
changing her mind. I told her she should probably go to college
as an undecided major. I can only imagine how many times she will
change her mind there.

Princess is doing great too. She has been going through many
changes at 12. She is really struggling with some of the middle
school concepts. We are having to work extra hard in some areas
with her learning issues. I have also noticed that she is becoming
much more grown up. She used to be more of a tom girl type and
dressed the part. She is now requesting makeup, perfume,
jewelry and such for Christmas. She is wanting to be more of
a girl much to Mommy's delight. She has never been the girly girl.
Heart would wear all sorts of dresses and styles but Princess
never did. Not even when she was small. Not that that is important
but it is interesting to see her changing and growing in her own
way. I don't know why I didn't notice before. I have taken the time
lately to help
her with some of these girl things just as I
did when Heart hit that age.

Superboy has been working hard in school too. He is still
faltering with his reading level. We work and work and he
makes no progress. Staying at the same reading level. Yet I know
he is smart. If you missed it last year I took him for testing
and found him to be bumping genius level. So I know its in there.
I am not sure what is stopping him other than shear bullheadedness.
I have found he enjoys the draw, write now series. So we have
been doing those daily. In fact he enjoys them so much I can't
pull him away from it some days. He really works hard on the drawings.
So I plug on with him. Hoping one day to bridge the gap. He
also has had some major dental work of late. He still has much to
go caps, fillings, extractions and root canals. Poor kid . I feel for
him. He has been a real trooper getting all that work done. He
only has 2 more visits and the work will be complete. His teeth
seem to be extra sensitive despite brushing morning and night.
Sometimes even at lunch time. I fear I have the same dental
fate coming. One tooth in particular is beginning to be a bother.
So come Monday I will be calling to make an appointment. After
the new year I fear we will be inundated with appointments.
All the children are due for teeth cleanings, Princess needs and
eye exam and all are due for physicals. What a fun beginning
to the new year. Yikes.

Spirit has been enjoying school so much. He just soaks things
in. It is hardly like school for him. He begs me for more to do.
I have upped the anty a bit with his learning but still allowing
for free play. I was teaching only a half hour with mostly play
activities but he requested more. So I added more and he is
loving it. I think I have found that an hour an a half is enough
For him. An hour in the morning and a half in the afternoon. I only
added more because he wanted it. If he has a day where he
doesn't seem interested I just drop it and he plays. I did
buy the before 5 in a row to do with him but realized that
he has 2 more years before Kindergarten with his age so I decided
to let that one go for now and pick it up maybe next year.
We are learning our letters and by theme. He is really picking
them up. It amazes me how fast he gets it. He just
absolutely loves crafting.

Sweet pea is doing well as you are sure to know as
I have talked about her much here. She is more social than
before and is becoming easier to handle when going out.
She can be soothed with activity . I have even caught her
beginning to try to put things to her mouth. It won't be
long before she is eating baby food. Just Thanksgiving when
I posted her in her outfit . I looked over her baby photos and
have seen how much she has changed already. I try to enjoy
Every second because before I know it she will be off like
the older ones. I know how precious time is.

Daddy is doing about the same. Much like a yo yo.
One day well and the next day.. Not so well. The Dr.
said he might be able to go back to work in Dec. but I really
don't see that happening anytime soon. Maybe I'll be surprised
but I don't think so.

As for me I am doing better most days. Postpartum catches
up to me sometimes. I realize what it is and try to take
long brakes those days. I am really enjoying the baby and
feel more organized then I have in awhile. What with the
pregnancy and then all of daddy's health issues. I feel more
solid when I have things around me organized. I am not
sure why that is. Mess make me feel messy I guess.
I have much on that mess list to do today. Here is my
list just for myself more than anything...

Order and print out Superboys state history lapbook
Work on Details of a government lapbook
Search for some grammar worksheets and Christmas
ideas for the upcoming festivities.

Re clean up the house, wrap gifts from yesterdays shopping,
make a dent in superboys room, prepare crafts for our
Church's hanging of the greens tomorrow and prepare a list
for Christmas card sending. It sounds like a lot but the kids
are all going to my moms for a sleepover so I'm pretty sure
I can do it and have time for a break.


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