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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall Math Activities for Preschooler

Here Spirit and I practice patterning with these cards.
I would lay a pattern down for him and then he was to copy
it. After a bit I tried him doing the pattern and Mommy copying
it but he didn't quit understand the patterns. He could do them
when I modeled them but creating his own was to difficult for

This Turkey game I made a few years ago. Spirit would pick
a turkey body , say the number and then add that many triangle
feathers. I also had the idea to use this same idea when teaching
Superboy the present, past, past participle and present participle
of irregular verbs. He was having a hard time matching them and when
I saw this game that idea came to mind. Now I have to make it.

The last game we played was feed the squirrel. Each squirrel
has a number on him. Spirit has to count out that many
cereal to feed him. He has to be careful not to feed him to many
or not enough.


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