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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Lapbook, Letter F and P

Instead of doing our tradition activities for each letter . In
October we combined them into a lapbook. Our letters for
the month were F for Fall and P for Pumpkin. The leaf poem
on the front cover comes from a printable at
Spirit decorated this page with leaves and white glitter for dew.

This is the inside of our pocket. I found the boy on the left in
a coloring book. Spirit colored him and we talked about the
appropriate clothing to wear in the fall. He was trying to wear
flip flops and go outside with his shirt off.

The middle mini book is Spirits Fall leaves. Stressing the colors
that you might find. I see red leaves. I see brown leaves . etc...
We wanted to go on a leaf walk but with all the rain we have had
there wasn't a dry day. Spirit ended up drawing his own leaves.

On the right I labeled the colored leaves for him . At the bottom
Of the page is a mini book about pumpkins and how they grown.

The Top flap has a worksheet I found on pumpkins.
We measure our pumpkin, weighed it, drew a picture of it,
cut it open and counted seeds. Very fun project.

Our Acorn at the top and poem again comes from I added the lacing and cereal decorations
for some added fun. We counted the cereal when we were done.
Spirit did quite well with the lacing aspect.

Below is a mini book on counting Candy corn. We
colored the corn on each page and layed real candy
corn on each page. When he was done he counted out 10
Candy corns for each family member. This was this most
fun for him. :)


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