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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Civil War History Pocket

I have always found the Civil War to be a very exciting time
peroid. Especially since we live near a major battle site. Princess
came to a place in her History of US book where it was time
to learn about the Civil war. We used History pockets by
Evan Moore to enhance the lesson. We found history pockets
to be just as fun as lapbooks or notebooking. I used large file folders
as the pockets. The photo above doesn't give it justice. She has
Not colored her cover yet but I couldn't wait to show you all her
hard work.
There are several Units and each is put into a pocket.
You Begin with an Introduction that dicusses why the Civil war
took place and who the North and South are. This first pocket houses
the States and where they stand politically, A time line of events to take
place , word find , word search , and a political agenda of both sides.

A Soldiers life tells what the soldiers eat, where the slept and what their
uniforms looked like. There is a mini book in this pocket of a true
story of a drummer boy, Photos and diagrams of the soldiers uniforms
and equipment, Civil war recipe book and a pretend letter to home from
Soldier Princess.

This Pocket contains infromation about the Women of
the war. What they did to help and quilting for the cause.

There is a Leaders unit with photos of different leaders and
where they stood politically. A comparison chart of each.
(not shown)

A major battles unit. Princess had to read about and then write
a little each battle creating a paper monument of their success
and defeats.

You can't learn about the Civil war without learning
about Slavery. There is a min book on the jobs of the slaves.
The Voices of protest pop up book, Which you can see a page
In green above.

Lastly is a pocket on Technology. You will find a min book on
the telegraph with practices of decoding. Plus a accordian book
on the ships that were constucted during this time.
(not shown)


  1. Princess did a great job on the Civil War. I bet she learned a whole lot too. That's the way I like to do school, but my girls don't care for it.


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