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Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Boy Stuff"

I tried and tried to take a good photo of the two boys together.
Each time I tried to take a photo one of them was being
silly or making a funny face. They had a great time with it.
Lots of silliness and laughing. I really enjoy moments like this
one. Raising boys isn't always easy for me. I know what to
do with girls. That's easy I am one. Finding things for the
boys to do is another story. I want them to grow up to be
strong male role models. I have no idea how to do that when
I am the Mom. What should my role be? I don't want to
nurture to much that they are mommy boys. This can be hard
for me since these are my babies grown up.

Superboy has always been an easy child for me up until this
year anyway. I hear it is the age. He is so defiant but in a quiet
way. He will just fold his arms and smirk at you. Now mind you
he isn't allowed to get away with this and most of the time
when he does it, it affects him more than me in the long run
anyway. Most of the time he is generally a quiet boy who shows much
emotion . He is for all purposes the artistic type and bumping
the line of genius. I am not sure which brings out the odd behavior
more ,the creative side or the way his mind goes. Either way
I really worry about him. He is so different. Not fitting the mold
of most of his male counterparts. I suppose that is a good
thing in someways.

Spirit on the other hand is ... Well I guess BOY. He
likes cars, trucks, dirt and running around. He likes rough
tough things feeding into his male ego. Superboy however
doesn't always like those hands on physical things.
He would rather sit and draw or create a new cartoon.
So I had been wondering...How do I teach him what he needs
to know like real "guy" things. I honestly think I found my
answer in Cub scouts. I never thought I'd see the day
that he would want to practice running so he could get
his exercise patch Or excited about electricity or snakes.
I'm not here to advocate cub scouts but it really is working
wonders for him. I really wish I had put him in at a younger
age. He is building such confidence in his self that he didn't
seem to have before in the area of "boy stuff" for lack of
a better word. I wish I had photos of such activities but
I have stayed away and allowed his Pap to take him
Making it an all boy night, which as you can imagine he loves.

I think I love this photo best.....


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