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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being Last and a First

There are advantages to being the last born child. You
always have someone to play with, eventually you'll be like
an only child after everyone else moves from their parents
house, there are lots of old toys laying around
and the number one reason ... Mom and Dad already
made all the mistakes with the other 6 children.

Oh, I almost forgot about this till yesterday when Sweet pea had
her 2 month check up. Usually the Dr. sort of made me feel
as if I don't know what I am talking about. When Sweet
Pea was sick I had taken her to the Dr. then with fever.
When I was asked what I had done for her or what was going
on. I rattled things off to the Dr. This particular day there
was a medical student helping out. This Dr. leans over and
says..." This mom knows what she is talking about she has 4
others at home." First time ever I felt like I knew what I was
doing when I was in there. We belong to an office with
many pediatric Doctors within one practice. I will be choosing this
particular Dr. for Sweet Pea from now on. He won my vote! It's funny
that it took 5 birth children for someone to think I know
what I am doing. :)

As for the Mommy and Daddy knowing what they are doing...
Well Mommy might. I'm not so sure sometimes about
Daddy. This morning he came in at 5 am and offered to
take Sweet Pea with him downstairs. I gladly agreed .
More Sleep WOW.. Honestly, with his health issues
he hasn't been able to help much until lately. I often would
hand her to him but not long after he'd hand her back. Anyway
at 5:15 he knocks on the door. Honey, can you change a
messy diaper first... Besides the diaper I was grateful for
the extra sleep especially since I seem to be getting a cold.

FIRST- Sweet Pea giggled out loud today. First time ever
to hear that belly laugh giggle. Once for Daddy and Once
for Aunt Ali.


  1. My question is: Why can't daddy change a messy diaper? LOL!!! She gets cuter every time I see her.

  2. Ha ha!! I long since stopped trying to get him to clean messy diapers. He literally gets sick. He got sick on this one and wasn't even changing her. Guess it was the thought. lol


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