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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adventures in Grocery shopping

Now mind you Grocery shopping is not my favorite
thing to do anyway. I painstakingly create a shopping
list and plan our food menus. Its honestly not a task
I enjoy but needs done. Of late Sweet Pea has been making
our outings more fun. She doesn't enjoy sitting in her
car seat while we go through the store. I maybe able
to get her to ride for about 2 isles. Then she is on my
arm like I am carrying a football. One such day
(which I may have already mentioned this one)
Sweet pea pits up in this position. Landing the spit up
right on the floor. As she does this Heart drops our
store list. We hold our breaths as it falls to the ground
just missing the spit up. Then Sweet pea burps and
a gush of formula comes out of her mouth. Heart goes
to get paper towels and as she does I stand there
trying to memorize the store list in baby puke as a
stock boy walks by... Sigh did I mention I hate
grocery shopping...

Then recently as I was going out the door to do our
shopping. Princess stops me to ask a question. I stop
to look and sit the diaper bag down. You know where this
is going right. Mommy, Heart and sweet pea get to the store
only to have no bag. Instead of going home we split up the
list and run madly through the store. Ok not literally but
you get the idea. I am happy to report Sweet pea didn't
start crying for a bottle till we go home and since
I bought diapers I changed her after the shopping trip.

I can only imagine what will happen next shopping trip.
Seriously now you'd think after having all these
children I'd have it together but honestly I seem to be
less organized than ever which makes this mommy nuts.


  1. (((((((HUGS)))))))))))

    Baby #4 did this to me-- I was so disorganized and life was just crazy-- (actually baby #2 did this to me too) I think it is just the baby's personality -- no indication of how mamma is doing....


    You are in my thoughts and prayers VERY much lately----


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