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Monday, November 30, 2009

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is.... Nov. 30, 2009

Outside My Window....
It is a gray day. I heard on the radio that we will have
rain today. We are in our rainy season. I barely was able to
enjoy the fall colors. The leaves are mostly down now brown and
wet. Autumn is my favorite season but not the rain.

I am Thinking.....
There was a lot I wanted to get done on Saturday but didn't
quite get it completed. I did manage to work on all of our
lessons and get our school organized for the remaining few
months. Except that I ran out of printer ink but its all saved
for when I do get some. I wanted to wrap all I bought for Christmas
on black Friday. I did not get to that either till early this morning.
I was able to get half of it completed with Sweet pea playing
in her crib. I know there is still time but I like it wrapped in
case a child comes upon it and is tempted to peek. Then there
was house cleaning. Which again I have half of it completed.
Maybe today...

From the learning rooms...

Math -Fractions
Literature- Greek Myths
History- American history the Wild west
Science- Creation Science

Math- Multiplication skillsMultplying 2 digits numbers with large numbers.
Literature- Reading Novel Lion to Guard US.
History- Beginning of government
Science -Chemistry and Mixtures

Christmas, Letter N, North pole and Nativity

From our kitchen...
Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers
Then Thursday is the meat sale at our local
market. I love when they have those. I can stock
up for the month or longer.

I am wearing...
Black jean , an old pink shirt and barefeet

I am creating...
Actually as I am working on this I am also
beading candy canes for a school activity today. (Children
are helping)

I am hearing.... Children chattering, baby cooing and
someone falling into water on TV

Favorite things...Beads

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

- Heart working with Gram
Day at home
Tuesday- Day at home
Wed.- Choir
Thursday- Cubscouts and meat sale
Friday- J-train Bug buddies study
Saturday- Babysitting night at church
Sunday- Services and Path

Here's a picture I'd like to share.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family Growth..

It is time again to update you on our family. It certainly is growing.
At our Thanksgiving meal my mom asked everyone to say something
they were thankful for. I drew a complete blank. I suppose because
there is so much to be thankful for I didn't know where to start...

.... I'll start with the oldest child, Tom Girl. Tom Girl had
her baby on Nov. 19. (on her birthday) We are now grandparents
to an adorable little guy who weighed 6 lbs. 7.4oz and was 20 1/2 in. long.
Unfortunately we have been unable to see the little guy in person
since we have all been sporting viral infections, but I have seen
photos and hope to see him and hold him in person soon. (You know
there will be pictures..) I can tell you I am very anxious to see him.

Toad is back from his training with the National guard. He is hanging
out with us for the holidays. Then he will be headed to Pittsburgh to
a culinary school that he was just recently accepted to. He will be
going there this week to solidify arrangements. Him and his girl will
be married in May. She has a little guy too who is already a part of
our family. After Toads schooling he will be serving 4 years in the
Military. He was told 2 years in Germany and 2 deployed. So we aren't
sure where deployed to is but I can guess. (little nervous about that)

Heart is almost over halfway through high school. She cannot decide
what in the world she is doing. She isn't sure which college to go to,
if she wants to go to college or if she wants to wait a year.
I keep telling her she is running out of time with scholarships and the
like. She really needs to make up her mind. We discussed this all
last year too so this isn't a new thought for her but she just keeps
changing her mind. I told her she should probably go to college
as an undecided major. I can only imagine how many times she will
change her mind there.

Princess is doing great too. She has been going through many
changes at 12. She is really struggling with some of the middle
school concepts. We are having to work extra hard in some areas
with her learning issues. I have also noticed that she is becoming
much more grown up. She used to be more of a tom girl type and
dressed the part. She is now requesting makeup, perfume,
jewelry and such for Christmas. She is wanting to be more of
a girl much to Mommy's delight. She has never been the girly girl.
Heart would wear all sorts of dresses and styles but Princess
never did. Not even when she was small. Not that that is important
but it is interesting to see her changing and growing in her own
way. I don't know why I didn't notice before. I have taken the time
lately to help
her with some of these girl things just as I
did when Heart hit that age.

Superboy has been working hard in school too. He is still
faltering with his reading level. We work and work and he
makes no progress. Staying at the same reading level. Yet I know
he is smart. If you missed it last year I took him for testing
and found him to be bumping genius level. So I know its in there.
I am not sure what is stopping him other than shear bullheadedness.
I have found he enjoys the draw, write now series. So we have
been doing those daily. In fact he enjoys them so much I can't
pull him away from it some days. He really works hard on the drawings.
So I plug on with him. Hoping one day to bridge the gap. He
also has had some major dental work of late. He still has much to
go caps, fillings, extractions and root canals. Poor kid . I feel for
him. He has been a real trooper getting all that work done. He
only has 2 more visits and the work will be complete. His teeth
seem to be extra sensitive despite brushing morning and night.
Sometimes even at lunch time. I fear I have the same dental
fate coming. One tooth in particular is beginning to be a bother.
So come Monday I will be calling to make an appointment. After
the new year I fear we will be inundated with appointments.
All the children are due for teeth cleanings, Princess needs and
eye exam and all are due for physicals. What a fun beginning
to the new year. Yikes.

Spirit has been enjoying school so much. He just soaks things
in. It is hardly like school for him. He begs me for more to do.
I have upped the anty a bit with his learning but still allowing
for free play. I was teaching only a half hour with mostly play
activities but he requested more. So I added more and he is
loving it. I think I have found that an hour an a half is enough
For him. An hour in the morning and a half in the afternoon. I only
added more because he wanted it. If he has a day where he
doesn't seem interested I just drop it and he plays. I did
buy the before 5 in a row to do with him but realized that
he has 2 more years before Kindergarten with his age so I decided
to let that one go for now and pick it up maybe next year.
We are learning our letters and by theme. He is really picking
them up. It amazes me how fast he gets it. He just
absolutely loves crafting.

Sweet pea is doing well as you are sure to know as
I have talked about her much here. She is more social than
before and is becoming easier to handle when going out.
She can be soothed with activity . I have even caught her
beginning to try to put things to her mouth. It won't be
long before she is eating baby food. Just Thanksgiving when
I posted her in her outfit . I looked over her baby photos and
have seen how much she has changed already. I try to enjoy
Every second because before I know it she will be off like
the older ones. I know how precious time is.

Daddy is doing about the same. Much like a yo yo.
One day well and the next day.. Not so well. The Dr.
said he might be able to go back to work in Dec. but I really
don't see that happening anytime soon. Maybe I'll be surprised
but I don't think so.

As for me I am doing better most days. Postpartum catches
up to me sometimes. I realize what it is and try to take
long brakes those days. I am really enjoying the baby and
feel more organized then I have in awhile. What with the
pregnancy and then all of daddy's health issues. I feel more
solid when I have things around me organized. I am not
sure why that is. Mess make me feel messy I guess.
I have much on that mess list to do today. Here is my
list just for myself more than anything...

Order and print out Superboys state history lapbook
Work on Details of a government lapbook
Search for some grammar worksheets and Christmas
ideas for the upcoming festivities.

Re clean up the house, wrap gifts from yesterdays shopping,
make a dent in superboys room, prepare crafts for our
Church's hanging of the greens tomorrow and prepare a list
for Christmas card sending. It sounds like a lot but the kids
are all going to my moms for a sleepover so I'm pretty sure
I can do it and have time for a break.

Friday, November 27, 2009


My mom got a Snugli free with the purchase of her order.
A big red blanket with arms so your hands are free. The
back of the snugli is open. In case you haven't seen these
on TV. Superboy loved this so mom went and got him
one in army color. He wears this thing all of the time.
He thinks it's funny that the back is open. I told him that
most of the time you are sitting against something so you
don't need the back closed. During school he was sitting
straight up to the back of his chair.. He says...

"In case you were wondering I have to sit like this
cause I have on my snugli."

Hmm that is one of those things you didn't think you'd hear
during a school day. :)

*Out shopping today...looking for bargins!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day
with family!

Cornicopica Craft

Spirit created this fun Cornucopia craft.
He painted 3 paper plates brown. When they dried we
cut the last one to look like the end of the cornucopia.
Then we used this coloring page from a coloring book for the
food and Spirit colored it in. Then pasted it to the end
which would be the opening of the the horn. Just a side note
we ended up stapling the plates together as teh glue didn't hold
well. Maybe if the plates were painted on the other side it would
have worked better with glue.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Native American's

Spirit and I did a brief study of Native Americans.
Each year we will learn a little more about them around
this time of year.

We created these simple headbands. I used my square
scrapbook punch to cut out shapes for the bands. Then we
taped on feathers since Spirit wanted to wear it right away.
(I didn't want glue in his hair. :)

I pulled out these noodles from a past activity that I had
died. Spirit as an added bonus decided to sort the noodles
by color, so I pulled out cups for him to sort them into.

Here is his finished necklace pictured above.

Isn't our hand Native Americans adorable. Very
simple to do. Just trace your hand. Cut out your hand
shape. Cut a headband. (rectangle shape) Add feathers to
headband, big wiggle eyes and a smile.

Fall Math Activities for Preschooler

Here Spirit and I practice patterning with these cards.
I would lay a pattern down for him and then he was to copy
it. After a bit I tried him doing the pattern and Mommy copying
it but he didn't quit understand the patterns. He could do them
when I modeled them but creating his own was to difficult for

This Turkey game I made a few years ago. Spirit would pick
a turkey body , say the number and then add that many triangle
feathers. I also had the idea to use this same idea when teaching
Superboy the present, past, past participle and present participle
of irregular verbs. He was having a hard time matching them and when
I saw this game that idea came to mind. Now I have to make it.

The last game we played was feed the squirrel. Each squirrel
has a number on him. Spirit has to count out that many
cereal to feed him. He has to be careful not to feed him to many
or not enough.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The First Thanksgiving

Learning about the first Thanksgiving for little
ones can be fun. I was looking for away to help
Spirit understand a little about what happened. I
wanted him to learn about the fight for free religion
and the friendship. I found this cute song on the internet
and used it to create a book we could read over and over
again staring my little guy. The cover of his book features
his cute little hand. I painted his palm brown and his fingers
different colors. Then we turned it into a turkey. Since
he is so young I walked him through each drawing step. I think
he did pretty good. (the song is sung to the tune of the
muffin man)

For our pilgrim page I decided to use a photo of Spirit
in his Pilgrim hat. He especially injoys showing his family
members this page.
The Pilgrams sailed to America
America, America.
The Pilgrams sailed to America
A long, long time ago.

Next we had to created the mayflower. I used
simple shapes cut from construction paper for him to
paste on the page. He added blue water with his crayon.

They Sailed on the Mayflower
Mayflower, Mayflower.
They Sailed on the Mayflower
A long long time ago.

Next we created an Native American with a circle
shape using a compass. He pasted the pieces I cut
out ahead of time and added the feathers to the headband.
They made friends with the Indians
Indians, Indians.
They made friends with the Indians
A long, long time ago.

For the corn I cut a oval type shape from construction
paper . Spirit took tissue paper and squished it up
to created colored corn.
They planted seeds, the corn grew tall.
Corn grew tall, corn grew tall.
They planted seeds, the corn grew tall.
A long, long time ago.

Our last page features a turkey feast from
a coloring page.
They had a great Thankgiving feast.
Thanksgiving feast, Thanksgiving Feast.
They had a great Thanksgiving feast
A long long time ago.

The great thing about this book is that we can read
it over and over and share it with family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is.... Nov. 23, 2009

Outside My Window....Right now the sky is gray but it is
only 6 in the morning as I type this. I can here the
traffic starting to pick up as the day begins.

I am Thinking.....
About Decorating for Christmas. Yes , We did it this weekend.
I was sick with a viral infection. Daddy had it too. We
both needed to stay in so we decided to put them up. Honestly
this will save us come Thanksgiving since typically we
put them up on black Friday. Less stress for me. You have
the Thanksgiving dinner, shopping, wrapping, hanging
of the greens at church and usually the decorations.

Just for an update.. We did finally recieve unemployment
Praise the Lord.

From the learning rooms...

Math -Measurement (finishing up this unit this week)
Literature- Greek Myths
History- American history the Wild west
Science- Creation Science

Math- Multiplication skills
Multplying 2 digits numbers with large numbers.
Literature- Reading Novel Lion to Guard US.
History- Beginning of government
Science -Chemistry and Mixtures

Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving.
The letter I for Indian and H for harvest.

From our kitchen...
Sausage and deer meat for some
Tuesday- Chicken, rice and broccoli
Wednesday- Fish, fries and beans
Thursday- Ham at my Moms for Thanksgiving
Friday-Turkey dinner at our house
Weekend Leftovers

I am wearing...
Black dress pants and a tan shirt. Barefeet as always.:)

I am creating...Christmas Crafts for Hanging of
The Greens with our youth group. Still in the planning
mode but have to prepare soon since this take place
next weekend.

I am hearing....TV

Favorite things...Chocolate covered pretzels.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week
Perscription day. Pick up all our perscriptions
6 for Daddy , 2 for me and 1 for heart. Sigh..
Tuesday- Superboy Dental appoinment
Choir Practice for Princess
Thursday-Thanksgiving at moms
Friday-Black Friday shopping
Sunday- Hanging of the greens at Church

Heres a picture I'd like to share.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Boy Stuff"

I tried and tried to take a good photo of the two boys together.
Each time I tried to take a photo one of them was being
silly or making a funny face. They had a great time with it.
Lots of silliness and laughing. I really enjoy moments like this
one. Raising boys isn't always easy for me. I know what to
do with girls. That's easy I am one. Finding things for the
boys to do is another story. I want them to grow up to be
strong male role models. I have no idea how to do that when
I am the Mom. What should my role be? I don't want to
nurture to much that they are mommy boys. This can be hard
for me since these are my babies grown up.

Superboy has always been an easy child for me up until this
year anyway. I hear it is the age. He is so defiant but in a quiet
way. He will just fold his arms and smirk at you. Now mind you
he isn't allowed to get away with this and most of the time
when he does it, it affects him more than me in the long run
anyway. Most of the time he is generally a quiet boy who shows much
emotion . He is for all purposes the artistic type and bumping
the line of genius. I am not sure which brings out the odd behavior
more ,the creative side or the way his mind goes. Either way
I really worry about him. He is so different. Not fitting the mold
of most of his male counterparts. I suppose that is a good
thing in someways.

Spirit on the other hand is ... Well I guess BOY. He
likes cars, trucks, dirt and running around. He likes rough
tough things feeding into his male ego. Superboy however
doesn't always like those hands on physical things.
He would rather sit and draw or create a new cartoon.
So I had been wondering...How do I teach him what he needs
to know like real "guy" things. I honestly think I found my
answer in Cub scouts. I never thought I'd see the day
that he would want to practice running so he could get
his exercise patch Or excited about electricity or snakes.
I'm not here to advocate cub scouts but it really is working
wonders for him. I really wish I had put him in at a younger
age. He is building such confidence in his self that he didn't
seem to have before in the area of "boy stuff" for lack of
a better word. I wish I had photos of such activities but
I have stayed away and allowed his Pap to take him
Making it an all boy night, which as you can imagine he loves.

I think I love this photo best.....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Painting

Spirit had a great time creating this pumpkin patch
after we read the book Roly Poly Pumpkins. These pumpkins
are made by making a fist and painting the area between
you knuckles. Keep your fist and stamp your pumpkins all
over the paper. I stood over Spirit and added paint with a paint
brush. (less mess) After the pumpkins dried he drew vines
and added some green leaves by stamping his thumb.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Turkey headbands

Gooble Gooble Gooble. .. We found this fun
craft at . I modified it a bit
by adding feathers instead of cutting them out.
Both ways are adorable and so is my little guy above

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being Last and a First

There are advantages to being the last born child. You
always have someone to play with, eventually you'll be like
an only child after everyone else moves from their parents
house, there are lots of old toys laying around
and the number one reason ... Mom and Dad already
made all the mistakes with the other 6 children.

Oh, I almost forgot about this till yesterday when Sweet pea had
her 2 month check up. Usually the Dr. sort of made me feel
as if I don't know what I am talking about. When Sweet
Pea was sick I had taken her to the Dr. then with fever.
When I was asked what I had done for her or what was going
on. I rattled things off to the Dr. This particular day there
was a medical student helping out. This Dr. leans over and
says..." This mom knows what she is talking about she has 4
others at home." First time ever I felt like I knew what I was
doing when I was in there. We belong to an office with
many pediatric Doctors within one practice. I will be choosing this
particular Dr. for Sweet Pea from now on. He won my vote! It's funny
that it took 5 birth children for someone to think I know
what I am doing. :)

As for the Mommy and Daddy knowing what they are doing...
Well Mommy might. I'm not so sure sometimes about
Daddy. This morning he came in at 5 am and offered to
take Sweet Pea with him downstairs. I gladly agreed .
More Sleep WOW.. Honestly, with his health issues
he hasn't been able to help much until lately. I often would
hand her to him but not long after he'd hand her back. Anyway
at 5:15 he knocks on the door. Honey, can you change a
messy diaper first... Besides the diaper I was grateful for
the extra sleep especially since I seem to be getting a cold.

FIRST- Sweet Pea giggled out loud today. First time ever
to hear that belly laugh giggle. Once for Daddy and Once
for Aunt Ali.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Lapbook, Letter F and P

Instead of doing our tradition activities for each letter . In
October we combined them into a lapbook. Our letters for
the month were F for Fall and P for Pumpkin. The leaf poem
on the front cover comes from a printable at
Spirit decorated this page with leaves and white glitter for dew.

This is the inside of our pocket. I found the boy on the left in
a coloring book. Spirit colored him and we talked about the
appropriate clothing to wear in the fall. He was trying to wear
flip flops and go outside with his shirt off.

The middle mini book is Spirits Fall leaves. Stressing the colors
that you might find. I see red leaves. I see brown leaves . etc...
We wanted to go on a leaf walk but with all the rain we have had
there wasn't a dry day. Spirit ended up drawing his own leaves.

On the right I labeled the colored leaves for him . At the bottom
Of the page is a mini book about pumpkins and how they grown.

The Top flap has a worksheet I found on pumpkins.
We measure our pumpkin, weighed it, drew a picture of it,
cut it open and counted seeds. Very fun project.

Our Acorn at the top and poem again comes from I added the lacing and cereal decorations
for some added fun. We counted the cereal when we were done.
Spirit did quite well with the lacing aspect.

Below is a mini book on counting Candy corn. We
colored the corn on each page and layed real candy
corn on each page. When he was done he counted out 10
Candy corns for each family member. This was this most
fun for him. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Civil War History Pocket

I have always found the Civil War to be a very exciting time
peroid. Especially since we live near a major battle site. Princess
came to a place in her History of US book where it was time
to learn about the Civil war. We used History pockets by
Evan Moore to enhance the lesson. We found history pockets
to be just as fun as lapbooks or notebooking. I used large file folders
as the pockets. The photo above doesn't give it justice. She has
Not colored her cover yet but I couldn't wait to show you all her
hard work.
There are several Units and each is put into a pocket.
You Begin with an Introduction that dicusses why the Civil war
took place and who the North and South are. This first pocket houses
the States and where they stand politically, A time line of events to take
place , word find , word search , and a political agenda of both sides.

A Soldiers life tells what the soldiers eat, where the slept and what their
uniforms looked like. There is a mini book in this pocket of a true
story of a drummer boy, Photos and diagrams of the soldiers uniforms
and equipment, Civil war recipe book and a pretend letter to home from
Soldier Princess.

This Pocket contains infromation about the Women of
the war. What they did to help and quilting for the cause.

There is a Leaders unit with photos of different leaders and
where they stood politically. A comparison chart of each.
(not shown)

A major battles unit. Princess had to read about and then write
a little each battle creating a paper monument of their success
and defeats.

You can't learn about the Civil war without learning
about Slavery. There is a min book on the jobs of the slaves.
The Voices of protest pop up book, Which you can see a page
In green above.

Lastly is a pocket on Technology. You will find a min book on
the telegraph with practices of decoding. Plus a accordian book
on the ships that were constucted during this time.
(not shown)

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Rejoice in the Lord Always.