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Thursday, October 29, 2009

White Pumpkin Painting

Time to paint the pumpkins. This sort of activity
really is relaxing. We work and work and work and then
it's just time to sit back , enjoy one anothers company
and paint pumpkins. I hadn't thought to paint on white
pumpkins before but this is what our road side stand had.
I think they look lovely and are a change from the typical
orange pumpkins. (thanks Mom) "Spirit's" pumpkin is the one in the
front. He started out with a face on it . Then added cheeks
and hair. He enjoyed it so much that eventually we
ended up with this rainbow pumpkin. He painted in his undies
and had paint all over his chest, down his leg and his hands
were blue. As he finishes he says mommy I think I need a
smock. Umm little late for that.

Superboy painted the pirate. I think hes a pretty awesome
pirate. I really need to get him to try to create a comic book
sometime. I think he would do a fabulous job . He loves
to tell stories. My pumpkin is the one with leaves on it.
I wanted one we could keep around for Thanksgiving. I think
it will look pretty festive with my little stuffed felt turkey.


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