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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Simple Womens Daybook

FOR TODAY (Oct.6 , 2009)

Outside My Window...
The sun is shining but it is very cool . Fall is in the air.
The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors and the children
have pulled out their jackets.

I am thinking...
It has been a really long 2 weeks. There is so much going on.
Daddy went to work on Monday morning with his doctors note
in hand and all of his medical restrictions. They promptly sent him
back home. He cannot be anywhere near the machinary until the
restrictions are lifted. Yesterday we spent most of the day trying
to figure out the financial side.
(trust in the Lord, trust in the Lord...)

From the learning rooms...
Each of the children are working hard through their lessons.
Princess has been working on her own through much of this
medical difficulty. We haven't been able to get to much of our
fun things but are working through our spelling books, math
and spending lots of time reading.

Spirit this week is working on the letter C and
learning all about Cowboys.

From the kitchen...
Low sodium Spaghetti and garlic
Tuesday- Beef stew
Wed. - Leftovers
Thursday- chicken, potatoes and peas
Friday- Stirfry- veggies and shrimp

I am wearing... Jeans, brown shirt and fuzzy slippers
(its sort of cold in hear I just turned the heat on to get the chill out.)

I am creating...
I have had a desire to create a fall journal for so long now . It is
in the back of my head to create but not sure I will be able to get
to it again. Time will tell.

I am hearing....
The baby fussing a little. When I am not holding her she sort
of does a quiet fuss.

favorite things-
Big orange pumkins, fall colored leaves and
rust colored mums

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
- Rummage sale set up at church
Friday- Football game. Heart will be on a homecoming
float or project harmony float. She will also sing at the game.
Moms Dr. appointment
Saturday- Heart- Homecoming dance
Sunday- Church services.

Picture I'd like to share......

Spirit helping Hearts photography class book project.


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