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Monday, October 12, 2009

Simple Women's Daybook (Update on Daddy I am Thinking...)

FOR TODAY (Oct.12 , 2009)

Outside My Window....
Today it is gray. Looks like we might get some rain. There are
orange signs outside our window today. Possibly some road
work is going on. This will keep Spirit occupied for quite awhile.
He will have some action right outside his house.

I am Thinking...
My mind is so full of thought. Daddy is still suffering through.
His legs at times swell up and then we worry
that he will need to head to the emergency room again. So far
that swelling has gone back down so we have been able to
avoid that, but it's always on my mind that today we may have
to go again. He has also had some difficulty regulating his blood
sugar. His problem used to be high blood sugar but now at times
it drops dangerously low . This scares me more than anything as he
begins to shake and then needs to eat something to bring it back up.
His sugar level seems to be like a rollor coaster going dangerously
high and then dangerously low. There are so many things I'd like
to do with the children this year but I am afraid to leave him for
very long. Which seems to be the way God planned it all along.
Sweet Pea is a big challenge most days which takes up a lot of my
time but the children and I are finding funs things to do around
our home dispite all the complications of life.
Like baking pumpkin pies or doing a 1000 piece puzzle.

Another stressful situation is that our van is in the garage again.
I think the garage has had it more than we have this year. With
finances to tight a dear friend is working on it this time. I hate that
I had to ask him. Hopefully one day we can return the favor.

One thing I now for certain is that we are not the only ones
struggling right now. One family member had open heart
surgery and another was diagnosed with Cancer. Some of my
dear friends are stuggling with unemployment and financial falls.
Yet another is suffering through the loss of several family
members this year alone. We are all looking ahead day to day and
hoping for a brighter future.

From the learning rooms...

- Multiplication , Rounding numbers
Literature- Reading stories with a greater
lesson. Finding that lesson and applying to our lives.
History- American History
Science- Erosion

- Adding and subtracting large numbers
Literature- Reading fun stories about animals
History- learning about inventors
Science-Life cycles and decomposition

Still working on that cowboy unit but we are about to
dig into some fall activities.

From our kitchen...
Homemade chicken potpie and
peanut butter cookies for dessert
Tuesday- Pot roast with lost of vegtables
Wed.- Fish cakes and garlic shrimp
Thursday- Roasted chicken, rice and broccoli
Friday- Leftovers

I am wearing...
Its just about early afternoon but still in my pjs.
Hopefully Sweet Pea takes a nap soon and I can get dressed.

I am creating...
Fall Journal

I am hearing....
kids baking cookies with daddy and Sweet pea
beginning to fuss.

favorite things
Books- I have been in a reading moodly
lately. I will add my new finds to my book list soon.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Toad is coming home from training.
Sunday- church services

Picture I'd like to share......


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