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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Life sure has been hectic ...
Let me update you on all of our comings and goings of late.

Daddy is still at home. Not sure if I told everyone or not that he
was going on unemployment because of his work restrictions.
His work place did not contest it but..... unemployment has. So at
this point we only have coming into the home my pay from my part-
time job. Seriously thank God for that. Our landlord who is also
our sister and brother inlaw are waiving our rent for the time being.
How long they will be generous I am not sure. Daddy at times feels
pretty well and others sleeps most of the day. Sometimes I am
not sure if he is sleeping because of his mood or because he is plain out
tried from his heart working so hard. Most days his blood sugar has
been regulated fairly well. On occasion it goes to high or low but we
are getting better about handling it. We have had a few scares with
the fluid backing up around his heart again. Where his legs
began to swell a bit again but we managed to get the swelling down
by regulating his intake of fluids more closely. It is trying at times.
So much to watch out for and so much to maintain.
When I have errands to do. I have my mom keep the littlest
children just because I would hate for something to happen and
them be there with the older children. It would be enough for the
older ones to handle the situation without added little ones to
watch till mommy gets home . (Or I take them all with me)

And speaking of taking... Our van is still out. Our friend
is still working hard on repairing it. He is doing his best with his own
family and time restraints. We appreciate his help but hope that
very soon we have our own transportation. My parents have been
great in being my driver or allowing me to borrow dads car. It can
be difficult when you need something from the store. Daddys sister
has been great about stopping before she heads out to see if we
are in need of anything. The van so far has a sensor out in the right
back wheel I believe it was. So the van was going into skid mode
when you would brake. Which would cause the van to drift forward
and then I'd brake again. It also had a nail in one of the tires and
apprently we have a coolant leak we didn't know about. So the
van visits longer....

Baby "Sweet Pea" has been doing well. She is healthy and happy
most days. She is beginning to sleep most of the night at least
7 hours at a time. As long as I can manage to get the 7 hour
time over the night hours. Then we are good. I honestly don't mind
the night time hours. When shes awake at an odd time I read.
I read 3 novels in 2 weeks. Once the van is working again I can go
and get a few more books to read. I have lots of time also at night
to read the bible, study or sit in prayer. Although at times I fall
asleep sitting up in the middle of prayer. Hopefully God understands.

Spirit has had a few potty issues. He was pretty much trained but
with a new baby sister and dads illness he
on occasion has had accidents. He seems to have gone
backwords. We are taking this in stride and handling accidents as
they come with as little emotion as possible but its frustrating to
say the least.

The children have been working hard through their lessons.
They are working on some paintings as I type this. Superboy
is trying to make clothing for his sock monkey. School too has become
hectic. Not only am I schooling three different levels (prek, 4th and 7th)
I also have our new baby and my step son is home from the National
Guard. He has been staying with us all week. So our school day has lots
of inturuptions. He will be here for a bit till he finds an apartment.
His girl is also in and out with her little guy. Who is only just turning 2.
He leaves a scattering of toys in his wake everytime he comes
to visit which on some days is a few times per day. Last night for
example they were going to Awana (as leaders) and need costumes
to go with the theme night of the museum. I created mummy
costume in about an hour.

We also have several upcoming parties. "Bird" (Toads little one)
has a birthday. Superboy has a birthday party for a friend. Cubscouts
has their annual harvest party. Youth group has its annual
harvest party. We also have several Halloween parties and trick or
treating this month. So lots of fun and excitement for the little ones.

Oh and one last thing. Tom girl is due to have her baby in November.
Then I'll offically be grandma, or gram or nanna. Toad will be married in May
and Bird will offically be our grandson. :)

All of this sounds like so much I am sure and it is a lot going on
but I am thankful for all the activity. That everyone is managing
well and that we have this precious time with our family.

* I have some adorable crafts to post if my "sweet pea"
cooperates. :)


  1. Hi Nikki,

    I'm so sorry that you have been going through hard times. God is with you through it all, so that is comforting. I don't know how anyone that doesn't know the Lord deals with the problems of life. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

    As far as school goes, is there anyway that you can drop some of the projects and activities and just have the children read? I know when I dropped all our lapbooking and notebooking pages it was a huge relief to me. I spent so much time planning and printing, that I was worn out.

    Maybe some of these things are happening to slow things down in your house, not to make it more hectic. Take time to pray and ask God to show you which things you can let go for a while.


  2. Oh my.... ((((((((((((hugs))))))))) and adding you to my prayers!!


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