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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FALL in love with Jesus bulletin board

I was commited this year to finding an idea for a simple
bulletin board. One that is easy to change since "Sweet Pea"
and Daddy have me so busy. After searching the net and looking
around I came up with this idea for the fall. I drew the tree and
the children colored it in. I cut out maple leaf shapes and allowed
the children to decorate it with cheerios, yarn, sequins and crayons.
The different textures really made the board stand out.

The simplicity of this idea is that in the winter we will take
down our leave and replace them with snowflakes. In the spring
we will replace the snowflakes with leaves and add spring flowers.
I'll have to change the words in the spring too but will figure that
out when the time comes. Very simple idea that I thought I'd share.


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