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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corn Buddies

I love looking around the blogs for new ideas. Recently I came
across the idea of corn buddies from a fellow home educator.
The field corn was really easy to come by. I happened by a
farmer that was selling the corn by the bag. We have plenty
of corn left over for the squirrels or even for more crafting.
Figuring out how to put the bottoms together so they sat up
was a little tricky. I cut the material for the bottoms in the shape
of a circle. I layed a pie pan onto it and traced to get the shape.
First we tried fiberfil for making stuffed animals but they fell
down often or if bumped lightly. So we tried napkins and the
napkins won. Just open you napkin fully then gently crinkle
it up. Stand your corn in the middle of your material pattern
side down. The lay the napkin around it. Pull the sides up and
secure with a rubber band. You might have to push the rubber
band down a bit to get your corn buddy to stand up.


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