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Saturday, October 31, 2009

All is Well....

Life isn't settling down to much but my heart has.
I feel a peace and trust that all will be well. All is well with
the Lord. I think maybe our van being out was a blessing in
disguise. (course not for my mother who drove us where we needed
to go but..) With the van not working I was able to slow down
and get a feel for our new lives, all the issues and doctors appointments
associated with a new baby and daddy's health conditions. We did
finally get our van back. I sent it for a "minor brake" issue. Which
turned into a major issue. First we thought it was the anti -lock
brake system. So our friend replaced that but it didn't change the
problem of floating. Then a friend told him it might be a sensor.
So he borrowed the equipment to test the sensor. The machine
told him the problem was the right rear wheel. He tried the new
sensor but it wasn't that either. He asked a friend to come and
help . They took all the wiring apart, cleaned and reattached it.
Now it works. I felt sort of bad for my friend who spent all that
time trying to find the issue when the wiring just needed cleaning
Or maybe even just attached more tightly.

This sort of explains how my heart had been feeling. I was so
confused and frustrated. I felt nothing I was doing was enough.
Much of it could have been postpartum but Doctors didn't want
to medicate since part of it could be stress from daddy's condition.
I wouldn't have wanted medication anyway. I knew what I needed.
I needed Gods word. I needed to lean on him.. I needed
my wiring cleaned too. I'm not sure which day it happened but
I suddenly felt peace and am enjoying my family again.
Part of that realization came when a friend at church
expressed her own struggles financially. How hard it was for her
to rely on God to provide. That simply wasn't an issue for me. We
are not sound in anyway financially. In fact as I type this we still
await the results of unemployment's contesting our situation.
Yet I have had peace about that from the start. Maybe it was
all of my friends prayers (and help) or even maybe the insanity of all
the life threatening situations we were going through that money
became a second thought. I have learned to take one day at
a time. If unemployment doesn't come through we will try
something else. We should know Nov. 1 ... so we wait...
I'm not saying I don't think about it because I certainly do but
I am putting it in perspective. Worrying only as it comes.

Daddy's condition has improved a bit this last week. More so
mentally than anything, which is sometimes half the battle.
He seemed to be sleeping long hours, not playing with the
children/baby or participating in life. He has begun to move
about more and has helped out a lot lately especially after I
expressed worry over baby not having anytime with her
daddy . In only a few days I have seen his relationship
with her change. She still on occasion cries when he picks her
up but most of the time she is content and sometimes gives
him that winning smile.

Medically we seem to have the diabetes figured out.
He knows what to do, even as far as telling by how
he is feeling more so than what the meter says. He may feel
odd and say I better check my sugar something doesn't feel right.
Lo and behold he will be to high or low . His salt and fluid intake
seem a little harder for him. Most foods are high in salt. I think
more than a person realizes. Especially when you are putting
salt on your food after its cooked too or even into your food
while you are cooking. When all along there already is a ton of
salt in its contents. This is harder to monitor since we don't have
a salt meter to tell us when its to much or to little. It has definitely
changed how we have had to cook. Trying new ways of cooking
can be fun.. at first it was overwhelming but I realized I had to take
it one thing at a time and learn little by little. We were so set in
how we cooked things but honestly the slightest healthy changes
didn't really affect how our food tasted.

"Sweet Pea" is doing well and growing from week to week.
When she is upset the most adorable little girly squeal comes
out of her. You can't help but go awww... This week she seems
hungry all the time. Like her 4 oz. of formula isn't enough. Today
I pulled out the big bottles and will try adding more milk to
her feedings. I also noticed that she was sucking so hard on her
bottles that the nipples would stay sucked tight for a bit until
some air would open them up again. Luckily I had some
medium flow laying around and that seems to have fixed the
problem. She also has a bit of cradle cap. I have been working on
and off with the baby oil to loosen it up and comb it out. I hate
having that oily stuff on her head all the time. It gets on your
clothes and everywhere. I try doing this over night and then
bathing her in the morning to reduce the oily residue on everything
that she touches. And I just have to say it she is sooo adorable. :)

"Spirit" is back on the potty wagon. I am happy to say that he
has been dry all week long. Nights he still wets but we are working
on that. I tried helping him with this by taking the sippy cups away.
He drinks from an adult cup now or if in the living area a cup with
a lid and straw. Even though we took that night drink away he
is still wetting. It may just be a maturity issue so we will continue
on our path and see what comes of it. If he is dry in the morning
he gets a hershey kiss. Even still he has only had a few
dry mornings. His behaviour is still on the fence. One day he
is sweet as pie and the next.... well you can only imagine. I have
noticed if I spend some extra time with him crafting his mind
is not idle and he is happier then later to play with his toys.

School is going well too. A friend on the blogs told me to take it
easy and I have listened despite not having time to respond to her.
I couldn't listen with Spirit since he seems
to need the hands on activities to balance his mind and body.
I have done so with Superboy and Princess though.
I do have to admit that I have been enjoying this crafting time with
"Spirit" and so have the other children. It has lightened things up. Who
would have thought a few crafts would make us feel that way.
On busy days I give him a set of watercolor paints and off he
goes working and creating. I suppose my children are much
like me in that they need to create to feel at peace.
We have also been reading reading reading, with very few projects.
If we do have a project we want to do we are just taking our time
at it, putting it in a basket and coming back to it as soon as we can.

Another change....
Toad isn't staying with us anymore. He has moved on to a friends
house now. Yet you probably wouldn't realize it with his pile of
things in my schoolroom. :) We are glad he is home from the
military and can't wait to see what he will do in culinary school.
We have been blessed this week to have him, his girl and her little
guy visit once this week. They will also be here for the afternoon
on Saturday. As much as I love him he can be so hyper. He paces
and can hardly sit still. Some days he tires me just watching him.

Tom girl was by too this week and looks like she is ready to be
a mommy. She too said she would be by to visit longer soon.
I hope to snatch a picture of that baby belly for you.

Well that is our update for the week. As you can see not to much
is different or changed , except for perhaps my mind. How
I am thinking and handling things. I am able to look on, smile
through the business, and be glad I have so much to be busy for.
One day I may be sitting alone, looking out a window remembering
those busy days with great joy in my heart for now I'll take them
minute by minute and soak it all in......
Friday, October 30, 2009

Tubular Pumpkins

These little guys are going to sit on our window sill. My
preschooler absolutely loved making them them. I cut
paper towel tubes different shapes and sizes and covered them with
orange paper. I also cut out the stems and leaves ahead of time.
Older children could cut them themselves. "Spirit added the
fun faces on all of them for an adorable window pumpkin patch.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

White Pumpkin Painting

Time to paint the pumpkins. This sort of activity
really is relaxing. We work and work and work and then
it's just time to sit back , enjoy one anothers company
and paint pumpkins. I hadn't thought to paint on white
pumpkins before but this is what our road side stand had.
I think they look lovely and are a change from the typical
orange pumpkins. (thanks Mom) "Spirit's" pumpkin is the one in the
front. He started out with a face on it . Then added cheeks
and hair. He enjoyed it so much that eventually we
ended up with this rainbow pumpkin. He painted in his undies
and had paint all over his chest, down his leg and his hands
were blue. As he finishes he says mommy I think I need a
smock. Umm little late for that.

Superboy painted the pirate. I think hes a pretty awesome
pirate. I really need to get him to try to create a comic book
sometime. I think he would do a fabulous job . He loves
to tell stories. My pumpkin is the one with leaves on it.
I wanted one we could keep around for Thanksgiving. I think
it will look pretty festive with my little stuffed felt turkey.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FALL in love with Jesus bulletin board

I was commited this year to finding an idea for a simple
bulletin board. One that is easy to change since "Sweet Pea"
and Daddy have me so busy. After searching the net and looking
around I came up with this idea for the fall. I drew the tree and
the children colored it in. I cut out maple leaf shapes and allowed
the children to decorate it with cheerios, yarn, sequins and crayons.
The different textures really made the board stand out.

The simplicity of this idea is that in the winter we will take
down our leave and replace them with snowflakes. In the spring
we will replace the snowflakes with leaves and add spring flowers.
I'll have to change the words in the spring too but will figure that
out when the time comes. Very simple idea that I thought I'd share.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corn Buddies

I love looking around the blogs for new ideas. Recently I came
across the idea of corn buddies from a fellow home educator.
The field corn was really easy to come by. I happened by a
farmer that was selling the corn by the bag. We have plenty
of corn left over for the squirrels or even for more crafting.
Figuring out how to put the bottoms together so they sat up
was a little tricky. I cut the material for the bottoms in the shape
of a circle. I layed a pie pan onto it and traced to get the shape.
First we tried fiberfil for making stuffed animals but they fell
down often or if bumped lightly. So we tried napkins and the
napkins won. Just open you napkin fully then gently crinkle
it up. Stand your corn in the middle of your material pattern
side down. The lay the napkin around it. Pull the sides up and
secure with a rubber band. You might have to push the rubber
band down a bit to get your corn buddy to stand up.

C is for Cowboy

The Little Cowboy Song - sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"
I'm a little cowboy.
Here is my hat (point to self, then to hat)
Here are my spurs (point to your heels)
And here are my chaps (pat legs)
As soon as I get up, (stretch, pretend to wake up)
I work all day (pretend to lasso a cow)
I get on my horse (pretend to get on a horse)
And ride away. (Pretend to gallop on a horse)

All Day I Ride on the Prairie(tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)
All day I ride on the prairie.
All night I sleep on the ground.
Oh, I am a roaming cowboy,
Who travels around and around.
Move on, move on, move on,
Little doggies, move on, move on.
Move on, move on, move on,
Little doggies move on.

Books we read..

Armadillo Rodeo Jan Brett
(This was the most adorable book ever. I want to
get this one for our personal library.)
Little Red Cowboy Hat ~ Susan Lowell
Cactus Hotel ~ Brenda Guiberson
What Do Cowboys Do ~ Carla GreeneYippee Yay ~ Gail Gibbons

CraftSpirit created the adorable paper bag
vest to wear while he rode around on his horse.
(Pictured at the top of the page) The red on each vest
side was a stripe of red paper that he practiced his
cutting skills with by cutting fringes. He then stuck on some
gold stars and circle stickers.

PlayPlace beans and corn kernals in a bowl and
used tongues to transfer them to another dish.

Took his horse on a stick and went on a trail ride around
the house. Especially good since it was a rainy day.

Math- Cactus book
Cut the shape of a cactus. write a number on each
page. Then glue on that many tooth picks for the pricklies.

Writing-Practices writing the letter C and work on our
C for our C book..
Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple Women's Daybook

FOR TODAY (Oct. 26 , 2009)

Outside My Window....
It's to early in the morning to tell what the weather is doing today,
but from the radio this morning I hear warm weather is in
the forcast. I will take advantage of this and do some extra wash
today hanging it out on the washline.

I am Thinking....
About the Swine flu. I am trying to decide if
I want to vaccinate my children or not. I am very hesitant to give my
children a vaccine that had to be pushed through the system faster
than usual , despite reports of through testing. I'd love to hear your
thoughts on the vaccination.

From the learning rooms...

Math- order of operations
Literature- reading Tom Sawyer
History- Learning about the aftermath of slavery
Science- Rocks and Minerals

Problem solving with addition and subtraction
Literature- Brother Grimms Fairy tales
History- Inventors of America
Science- Animals and the food chain

The Letter F, Shape review,
Fall and Halloween fun.

From our kitchen...

Monday- Spaghetti and garlic bread
Tuesday- Pork Chops, broccoli and mashed potatoes
Wednesday- Roast beef, white rice and corn
Thursday- Baked chicken, carrots and baked potatoes
Friday- Leftovers

I am wearing...
Mint Green comfy capris pants (they feel like pjs) and gray shirt.

I am creating...

Fall decorations . Wait to you see our corn buddies and
pumpkin tubes.

I am hearing....
The kids arguing over their baby sister. :) Who gets to
hold her next..

Favorite things...
Library books

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Thursday- Cubscouts and Fall harvest party
Friday- Family Halloween party
Saturday- Superboys friends Birthday party, and
Trick or treating
Sunday- church and youth group

Picture I'd like to share......

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Life sure has been hectic ...
Let me update you on all of our comings and goings of late.

Daddy is still at home. Not sure if I told everyone or not that he
was going on unemployment because of his work restrictions.
His work place did not contest it but..... unemployment has. So at
this point we only have coming into the home my pay from my part-
time job. Seriously thank God for that. Our landlord who is also
our sister and brother inlaw are waiving our rent for the time being.
How long they will be generous I am not sure. Daddy at times feels
pretty well and others sleeps most of the day. Sometimes I am
not sure if he is sleeping because of his mood or because he is plain out
tried from his heart working so hard. Most days his blood sugar has
been regulated fairly well. On occasion it goes to high or low but we
are getting better about handling it. We have had a few scares with
the fluid backing up around his heart again. Where his legs
began to swell a bit again but we managed to get the swelling down
by regulating his intake of fluids more closely. It is trying at times.
So much to watch out for and so much to maintain.
When I have errands to do. I have my mom keep the littlest
children just because I would hate for something to happen and
them be there with the older children. It would be enough for the
older ones to handle the situation without added little ones to
watch till mommy gets home . (Or I take them all with me)

And speaking of taking... Our van is still out. Our friend
is still working hard on repairing it. He is doing his best with his own
family and time restraints. We appreciate his help but hope that
very soon we have our own transportation. My parents have been
great in being my driver or allowing me to borrow dads car. It can
be difficult when you need something from the store. Daddys sister
has been great about stopping before she heads out to see if we
are in need of anything. The van so far has a sensor out in the right
back wheel I believe it was. So the van was going into skid mode
when you would brake. Which would cause the van to drift forward
and then I'd brake again. It also had a nail in one of the tires and
apprently we have a coolant leak we didn't know about. So the
van visits longer....

Baby "Sweet Pea" has been doing well. She is healthy and happy
most days. She is beginning to sleep most of the night at least
7 hours at a time. As long as I can manage to get the 7 hour
time over the night hours. Then we are good. I honestly don't mind
the night time hours. When shes awake at an odd time I read.
I read 3 novels in 2 weeks. Once the van is working again I can go
and get a few more books to read. I have lots of time also at night
to read the bible, study or sit in prayer. Although at times I fall
asleep sitting up in the middle of prayer. Hopefully God understands.

Spirit has had a few potty issues. He was pretty much trained but
with a new baby sister and dads illness he
on occasion has had accidents. He seems to have gone
backwords. We are taking this in stride and handling accidents as
they come with as little emotion as possible but its frustrating to
say the least.

The children have been working hard through their lessons.
They are working on some paintings as I type this. Superboy
is trying to make clothing for his sock monkey. School too has become
hectic. Not only am I schooling three different levels (prek, 4th and 7th)
I also have our new baby and my step son is home from the National
Guard. He has been staying with us all week. So our school day has lots
of inturuptions. He will be here for a bit till he finds an apartment.
His girl is also in and out with her little guy. Who is only just turning 2.
He leaves a scattering of toys in his wake everytime he comes
to visit which on some days is a few times per day. Last night for
example they were going to Awana (as leaders) and need costumes
to go with the theme night of the museum. I created mummy
costume in about an hour.

We also have several upcoming parties. "Bird" (Toads little one)
has a birthday. Superboy has a birthday party for a friend. Cubscouts
has their annual harvest party. Youth group has its annual
harvest party. We also have several Halloween parties and trick or
treating this month. So lots of fun and excitement for the little ones.

Oh and one last thing. Tom girl is due to have her baby in November.
Then I'll offically be grandma, or gram or nanna. Toad will be married in May
and Bird will offically be our grandson. :)

All of this sounds like so much I am sure and it is a lot going on
but I am thankful for all the activity. That everyone is managing
well and that we have this precious time with our family.

* I have some adorable crafts to post if my "sweet pea"
cooperates. :)
Monday, October 12, 2009

Simple Women's Daybook (Update on Daddy I am Thinking...)

FOR TODAY (Oct.12 , 2009)

Outside My Window....
Today it is gray. Looks like we might get some rain. There are
orange signs outside our window today. Possibly some road
work is going on. This will keep Spirit occupied for quite awhile.
He will have some action right outside his house.

I am Thinking...
My mind is so full of thought. Daddy is still suffering through.
His legs at times swell up and then we worry
that he will need to head to the emergency room again. So far
that swelling has gone back down so we have been able to
avoid that, but it's always on my mind that today we may have
to go again. He has also had some difficulty regulating his blood
sugar. His problem used to be high blood sugar but now at times
it drops dangerously low . This scares me more than anything as he
begins to shake and then needs to eat something to bring it back up.
His sugar level seems to be like a rollor coaster going dangerously
high and then dangerously low. There are so many things I'd like
to do with the children this year but I am afraid to leave him for
very long. Which seems to be the way God planned it all along.
Sweet Pea is a big challenge most days which takes up a lot of my
time but the children and I are finding funs things to do around
our home dispite all the complications of life.
Like baking pumpkin pies or doing a 1000 piece puzzle.

Another stressful situation is that our van is in the garage again.
I think the garage has had it more than we have this year. With
finances to tight a dear friend is working on it this time. I hate that
I had to ask him. Hopefully one day we can return the favor.

One thing I now for certain is that we are not the only ones
struggling right now. One family member had open heart
surgery and another was diagnosed with Cancer. Some of my
dear friends are stuggling with unemployment and financial falls.
Yet another is suffering through the loss of several family
members this year alone. We are all looking ahead day to day and
hoping for a brighter future.

From the learning rooms...

- Multiplication , Rounding numbers
Literature- Reading stories with a greater
lesson. Finding that lesson and applying to our lives.
History- American History
Science- Erosion

- Adding and subtracting large numbers
Literature- Reading fun stories about animals
History- learning about inventors
Science-Life cycles and decomposition

Still working on that cowboy unit but we are about to
dig into some fall activities.

From our kitchen...
Homemade chicken potpie and
peanut butter cookies for dessert
Tuesday- Pot roast with lost of vegtables
Wed.- Fish cakes and garlic shrimp
Thursday- Roasted chicken, rice and broccoli
Friday- Leftovers

I am wearing...
Its just about early afternoon but still in my pjs.
Hopefully Sweet Pea takes a nap soon and I can get dressed.

I am creating...
Fall Journal

I am hearing....
kids baking cookies with daddy and Sweet pea
beginning to fuss.

favorite things
Books- I have been in a reading moodly
lately. I will add my new finds to my book list soon.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Toad is coming home from training.
Sunday- church services

Picture I'd like to share......

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Babies First Smile

I love when a baby begins to show signs of recognition. They
are coming more and more regular. So adorable. She
is growing so fast. (7 weeks old)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Simple Womens Daybook

FOR TODAY (Oct.6 , 2009)

Outside My Window...
The sun is shining but it is very cool . Fall is in the air.
The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors and the children
have pulled out their jackets.

I am thinking...
It has been a really long 2 weeks. There is so much going on.
Daddy went to work on Monday morning with his doctors note
in hand and all of his medical restrictions. They promptly sent him
back home. He cannot be anywhere near the machinary until the
restrictions are lifted. Yesterday we spent most of the day trying
to figure out the financial side.
(trust in the Lord, trust in the Lord...)

From the learning rooms...
Each of the children are working hard through their lessons.
Princess has been working on her own through much of this
medical difficulty. We haven't been able to get to much of our
fun things but are working through our spelling books, math
and spending lots of time reading.

Spirit this week is working on the letter C and
learning all about Cowboys.

From the kitchen...
Low sodium Spaghetti and garlic
Tuesday- Beef stew
Wed. - Leftovers
Thursday- chicken, potatoes and peas
Friday- Stirfry- veggies and shrimp

I am wearing... Jeans, brown shirt and fuzzy slippers
(its sort of cold in hear I just turned the heat on to get the chill out.)

I am creating...
I have had a desire to create a fall journal for so long now . It is
in the back of my head to create but not sure I will be able to get
to it again. Time will tell.

I am hearing....
The baby fussing a little. When I am not holding her she sort
of does a quiet fuss.

favorite things-
Big orange pumkins, fall colored leaves and
rust colored mums

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
- Rummage sale set up at church
Friday- Football game. Heart will be on a homecoming
float or project harmony float. She will also sing at the game.
Moms Dr. appointment
Saturday- Heart- Homecoming dance
Sunday- Church services.

Picture I'd like to share......

Spirit helping Hearts photography class book project.

Keep in Touch

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Rejoice in the Lord Always.