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Friday, September 25, 2009

You Never Know

Good morning.. I bet you have been wondering why I have been missing
from my blog the last few days. On Tuesday daddy was complaining
of swelled up feet. Actually he had been complaining of that for a few days
but by the morning the swelling had gone down. We assumed it was
because of working all day on his feet. Wed. morning he worked up to
his legs swollen to above his knees. His hands were so swollen he had
to loosen his watch and he couldn't catch his breath. We thought that might
be an extension of the flu he just got over . Things were quite bad so we
called my mom to watch the kids and we headed to the emergency room.
We had a feeling things were pretty serious when we were taken
above many others in the waiting room. That was the shortest ER wait
I have ever had. They immediately did an EKG on his heart. They told us
with his history of high blood pressure and diabetes they were concerned
for his heart. They also did chest X-rays and found fluid build up on his
lungs. We came to find out that he has congestive heart failure.

His heart couldn't work fast enough to filter out the fluids so they
backed up behind his heart and into his lungs, hands and feet. That
day was the longest one ever.

Today is Friday and things are going much better. His blood sugar is
more in control than it ever has been at 98. (used to be in the 300s)
The fluid is coming out from his hands. He laughs now that his
hospital bracelet just slides off his hand and when he came in it was
so tight. The damage is irreversible but can be regulated with medicine
and many hard life changes. My days are filled with Schooling the children
and then at noon running to the hospital and spending the day there
with him. Yesterday the Dr. told him if after doing another ultrasound
of his heart the fluid is cleared up he will be able to go home possibly
Saturday. We are all hoping for that.

It is very strange here at home without him. His shoes sit empty
and the sounds he makes are missing from our home. I know
this is only temporary and am so grateful that he is still here to
be able to come home. So we have a long road of learning ahead of us.
Learning to manage his blood sugar better, No salt is allowed,
he has to monitor his fluid intake and physical activity is limited as well.
We are unsure what this means for his job at the lumber company as
of yet. Our lives will certainly need to change to accommodate these
new things. Now that he is feeling pretty good again my main
concern now is managing it all. Managing the meds and his diet.

Before we had baby I thought God put it on my heart to take out
a lot of our outside activity because of having a newborn. Now I
realize that there was more reason for my time being free.

Thank you to all my family and friends for their prayers.


  1. I'll definitely be praying for you and your family. God will lead you to the answers you are seeking.


  2. When my husband had his heart attack almost 2 years ago, I felt that same strangeness about him not being home. He works every fourth night, so you would think I would have been used to him not being home. It was different then for those few nights. So I think I know just what you mean when you mention that.
    I'll be praying for a quick recovery.


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