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Monday, September 14, 2009

Simple Women's Daybook

FOR TODAY (Sept. 14, 2009)...

Outside My Window... Looks like the rain might be finally lifting.
The sky seems clear. Maybe today the children can get out to run about.

I am thinking... About Church services yesterday. So many of our church
family came to the nursery to see our "Sweet Pea" Then later at youth I took
her along for the teens to see her. They took turns holding her and lo and behold
she slept the entire night last night. She is sleeping now as I write this. It feels
wonderful to have my morning time again for blogging. However I expect it will
be a one time thing but it gives me hope to my early morning bible and blogging
quiet time.

I am thankful for... The ever growing mess because it means our home is lived
in and we are a family full.

From the learning rooms...

Princess will be working on multiplication properties in math.
She will play some games at
In grammar we will review sentence structure as this needs more work.
She is still reading Character stories and applying them to her bible.
In history we are working on a Civil war project from Evan Moore,
History pockets.

Superboy will be working an addition and subtraction properties.
He will also brush up on his multiplication facts. In Grammar we are
learning about different kinds of sentences and what punctuation to use.
For Science we are learning all about our Ecosystem and food webs.

Both children are learning about Map and how to read them.
They are both working on a lapbook of spelling rules and a lapbook
of the New testement.

Spirit this week will learn the Letter B. Make boats out of
plasitic containers and one out of cardboard to play in. He will
learn all about Noah and his ark.

From the kitchen...

Monday- Pot roast
Tuesday- Meatloaf , mashed potatoes and peas
Wednesday- Moms famous fried chicken, pasta and
lima beans
Thursday- Cube steaks, baked potatoes and green beans
Friday- Leftovers.
Weekend - Daddy cooks because he enjoys cooking :)

I am wearing... Black jeans, Pink shirt and barefeet.

I am creating... A new normal routine in our lives. Not sure
what that is yet.

I am reading... Lies Women believe I am finishing up my bible
study that I had started before baby arrived. It is really interesting
that I couldnt finish the last chapters till after her birth since most of
the study lately seems to be directed right at things I am going through
with post pregnancy emotions and circumstances beyond my control.
Interesting in that the need is so great on these topics and here they
are for my study with verses to go with it.

I am hearing...The kids upstairs moving about getting ready for
a baby appointment.

Around the house....Hoping to dig into this mess a bit this week but
only if its what God wants me to do.

One of my favorite things- Brand new school supplies. I love
all those new paper and pens. Its just something about new paper

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Monday- Baby appointment
Wed.- Heart- Project harmony, Christian Ed meeting
at Church and Princess choir
Sunday- Church services and Youth picnic

A picture to share-


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