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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simple Womens Daybook

FOR TODAY (Sept. 8, 2009)...

Outside My Window
... The sun is shining but it is a bit cool out there. I am enjoying this cooler (yet still warm) weather. It makes it nice to be outside but maybe a bit to breezy for "Sweet Pea"

I am thinking... About Princess she just went with my mom to have her hair done.
At the moment her hair is straight and long. She wants a change and is cutting it to her shoulders and getting highlights. My little girl is growing up She is still the sporty type but her style is changing slightly to a more feminine look.

I am thankful for... my little "Sweet Pea" She is growing
and changing already. Yesterday I laid her on her belly for a bit and she held
her head up for quite sometime. I am enjoying these baby days as I know it won't be long before she is past them. I also am thankful for school beginning. I am ready for some sort of normalcy to take place. This school schedule helps us have that. I also love being busy with my family.

From the learning rooms...

Princess age 12

Math- Working on operations and 3 digit multiplication
Language- Reading character stories and relating them to our bible.
Grammar- reviewing sentence skills that we did last year.
Art- Learning about Pop art
History- Digging into the Civil war.
Science- Spheres

Superboy age 9

Math- Place value to billion and then on to making change
Language- Reading fables, stories with a lesson and applying them
to our bible
Grammar- Sentence structure and punctuation
Art- Different styles of art
History- Geography skills
Science- Ecosystems.

Both Children will be creating a New testament lapbook

Spirit age 3

A is for Alligator
Learning about Alligators, Counting out objects to 10,
Learning A and the A sound.

From the kitchen...

Baking Apple pie this week and Chocolate cookies to put vanilla
ice cream in the center.

Monday- Chicken pot pie and coleslaw
Tuesday- steaks , baked potatoes and corn on the cob
Wednesday- Shrimp pasta salad (Garlic pasta with steamed shrimp)
Thursday- Sausage, peas and mashed potatoes
Friday- Hamburgers and hot dogs, Salad, french fries.
Saturday and Sunday- Seafood special at the grocery store so
having a mini buffet. Not sure which day.

I am wearing...
Blue Capri's , pink top, bare feet as always.

I am creating...
Some hands on multiplication games. I am brainstorming
right now. I want the games to be active and fun . Yet at the same
time working on solidifying their facts. Both Princess and Superboy need to
know them faster. Any ideas are welcome. :)

I am reading...
I don't have much time for reading because of "Sweet pea" However
I have read several magazines lately. In touch, American Baby, Old
school house magazine, Ladies home journal and Better homes and Gardens. When My little one wakes at night and won't go right back to sleep I tend to pull out the
magazines or bible. Wow I guess I read more than I realized.

I am hoping...
To blog more . I have so many ideas but little time to post them. My hope
is that my readers follow me to my new spot. So far attendance is low. :(
Send your friends or post a comment to let me know you are here.

I am hearing...
Water running in the kitchen and the air conditioner.

Around the house...
Basically my cleaning schedule isn't working right now. I am going on
my 3rd week after having "Sweet Pea". I am allowed to do some light cleaning.
As you can imagine I don't listen to well with 5 children in the house but
I am trying to. If I see it needs done I do it or delegate it. Somethings just
drive me nuts but from our summer bible lesson I learned that as
long as I spent time with God for the day then I shouldn't worry about
the small details. God will tell me what I should be doing . I only need to ask.

One of my favorite things...
Our new Lenovo laptops. Thought I'd hate them but I think I
like laptops.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Wednesday- Princess has choir
Friday- Homeschool open house and playground day.
Not sure if I am attending depends on how Sweet pea is doing
and how I am feeling.
Sunday- church services and youth group.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My little "Sweet pea"


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