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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Picky Eaters and MILK

I have come to enjoy reading magazines late at night when my
little one is awake and feeding. I find it easier to get into a short
article than a large novel. Especially when you have
to move around a bit during feedings like we seem to be
doing. Last night I figured out it was really easy to read devotionals
and look up the passages at a later time. Reading keeps my mind busy.
If I am not reading I am sleeping sitting up, which isn't good for babies
safety I read.

When I first found out I was expecting my first child
many moons ago. :) I came upon the American Baby magazine,
which you can order for free at
There are many helpful articles as well on their website. When I
found out I was expecting again the doctor gave me a packet
of information including the American Baby magazine subscription.
I was excited to see it still in print.

Last evening or early morning I'm not even sure which it
was... I came across an article about Picky eaters. If you have
the latest issue pick it up its worth reading. One section
called "The Liquid dieter" made me double take. I am
a perfect example of what happens if your child drinks a large
amount of Milk. The article states if your child drinks more than
24 oz. of milk in a day they could develop an iron deficiency/ Anemia.

As a child I was always the one drinking milk. I drank it during
meals. I drank it when I came in from playing and was hot. I drank
it with strawberry mix in it. I drank it for a snack. I drank it pretty
much all of the time. I was actually sort of smug about getting all that
calcium. Now I find out I probably created my own iron deficiency. Honestly
who knew.I will be sure to look at my childrens milk intake and size them
down or in one case measure it up to allow for the proper intake of milk.

As for me I will continue to eat foods rich in iron and take my
suppliments daily. With a little planning maybe my children
won't have to.


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