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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Medical update and family

I am sure you are wondering how things are going for us. Daddy did
make it home on Saturday. It was a very long day. The Doctor released
him at noon the nurse wasn't through with us till about 4 in the afternoon.
Then we had to run directly to walmart to get our prescriptions, 6 in all
and testing strips for his diabetes meter. Despite the doctor checking and
making sure all of the meds were on the $4. list only one was actually
on it. Apprently there are many meds in PA that this promotion does not
apply for. By the time we made it home it was 7pm. It was a pretty
expensive trip to walmart. One we will have to make monthly.

The rest of my week has been baby, medicines, visiting nurses,
blood sugar, blood tests, school and dinner. It has been a long week.
We have had to learn to cook completely different. Cooking without
sugar as usual but also cooking with low sodium now too. Measuring
out food has become an additional past time and measuring liquids, as
those have to be limited as well.

On Thursday we spent 2 hours going over everything at the Dr. office.
The Dr. wanted to keep him off work for a month but instead decided
to send him to work with work restrictions. 4 Months of no high
physical activity and no lifting over 35lbs. Very difficult for a man
who works for a lumber company. I have no idea what the future holds
or what the lumber Co. will do with this situation. We are buying our time.

I have learned I have no control over any of it. Sometimes I look
at him and wonder and worry . Honestly that doesn't help any of
us. I can't control what is or what will be. Our doctor did give us hope
in that he believes that he can make a complete recovery if he
follows exactly what they ask of him. We are hoping and praying this
is possible.

On top of all of that the car needs to go to our mechanic since our
brakes don't seem to be working properly. Luckily a close friend of
mine is a mechanic and has time to look at it. Obviously its bad timing
for the van to be out of working order.

My little "Sweet pea" has been doing pretty well. She is
about 6 weeks old now. She is a very needy baby. Wanting my full
attention all of the time. I take each day in stride. Hour by hour
and minute by minute.. completeing tasks as they come and falling
into bed at night exhausted. Rarely getting enough sleep to get through
the day. At the most maybe 5 hours per night. :) I'm a need 8 hours
sleep kind of gal.

On a happier note"Superboy" has joined the Cub Scouts and
is absolutely loving it. He will be in a few weeks going on his first
camping trip. He is extremely excited .(his pap is going with him)
Thanks Pap.

There is so much more going on but I only have time for a
brief run down for family and friends. I thought I was busy
before and hoping for life to slow to a normal speed. Now it seems
to be going even faster. Oh , and ignore the date on this post. I started
typing it that day and I am actually finishing it Oct. 2. That is how
busy things have been. I hope to be back blogging soon . I miss
the time to myself .


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